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  • CT_Raid

    CT_Raid is a mod/add-on for WoW. When it comes to raiding it is essentially crucial. Yes there are people that play their classes so well that they don't need to use CT_Raid...but when you use this mod, it helps to put every person in the raid on the same page. It helps everyone work as a team.

    Add-ons to WoW are not programs, they are scripts. Scripts that the WoW engine uses. These are not directly supported by Blizzard. This just means that Blizzard isn't taking responsibility for keeping them up. They can not infect your computer or open it to is just an add-on.

    Some add-ons have been taken over by Blizzard. You know the "action bars" above the main action bar and the ones on the right that are vertical on the edge of your screen if you select them?...Those were once add-ons that WoW later incorporated into their patches.

    I know people have heard me complain about mine...reason i complain is because I have too many for my own good. There becomes memory issues. Keep in mind that I have 30+ add-ons because I am testing some and using others... If only 10-20 are being used, there are no issues to worry about.

    Patches are know to cause havoc to add-ons. This is because Blizzard made a change to something the add-ons were using. It takes a couple days for the modders to catch up and release a patch of their own.

    Bottom line: Install CT_Raid and try it out. You can always disable it at your character login screen (lower left).

    I'll include a "How to install add-ons" thread soon...



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