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  • Skills - becoming a better player

    While I consider myself still to be in a learning mode, a few hard-won lessons have made it into my brain. Now before I make my main point, listen up!

    I am NOT telling ppl how to play the game. This is NOT a "must do or else" post. If you think my ideas are worthless, then you can something else.:)'s the deal. If you want to learn to play your level 55+ character well, I think you should take every opportunity to 5-man the high level instances of BRD, Strat, Scholo...and maybe even LBRS. Several of us have had long discussions about how best to learn good skills and party-smart habits. (One long-standing idea has been to do 10 man raids of UBRS rather than the 15 man raid that is "standard".)

    Running 10 man raids on Strat-Baron is fun...pretty fast, not too threatening, and you get to the Baron with high expectation of taking him down the first time...phat l007zors! All that is true in my experience. The hidden danger is that a 10 man group can be sloppy about aggro management, careful crowd control and controlling DPS rates to keep mobs engaged on the Main Tank..and YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH IT! (at least you can most of the time). If you do it with 5 man, it will take longer (much longer!), you need each player to be at their best, understanding and taking advantage of every crowd control opportunity, letting the Main Tank establish aggro, keeping the mobs away from the casters, especially the healer(s). You learn how to create a balanced party. You learn what works. If you mess up, you wipe. If you mess up often enough, the respawns start before you finish.

    How do I know these things? Heh! I'll show you my repair bills! Well, come along on a few outings and you'll

    Why should you care? You don't HAVE to care, but you will be a better, smarter, more effective player if you learn this stuff by doing it. Others will want you in their groups because they KNOW you have the right skills and knowledge. Besides, it is a real rush to work with a small group of dedicated players and do what you need to do AS A GROUP. I really, really like doing this with TG members.

    I am NOT saying you shouldn't raid the Baron or any other instance. I do it and I enjoy it. I AM saying if that's all you do, you are almost certainly learning habits and tactics that can get you killed when it matters.

    End of rant.
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    Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. - (Isaac Asimov)

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    Re: Skills - becoming a better player

    Hiya Beep,

    I guess it's safe to say we have learned a lot of these leasons together. As usual, I agree, and this isn't something the for endgame players. Though, there didn't seem to be much need for proper party balance and tactics as I was leveling. The first high level instance (Scholomance) I was part of was the most painful thing I have ever experienced in WoW, wiped so many time we went red...So, knowing party skills ahead of time would have made the learning curve a lot less steep.


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      Re: Skills - becoming a better player

      Beep is exactly right here. Learning how to play your toon 5 man is the best way to prepare for any 10/15/20/40 man raid. This is extremely essentail for healers and tanks. You have to know when heal your MT(s), when to steal that aggro off your DPS, when you need to throw your shield wall, etc etc. Paldains you fall here too since your kinda tank, kinda healer, but most importantly, party buffer. You have to learn to keep track of your buff timers. Which toon to buff in case of emergency. What buffs everyone needs. DPS, you have it easy. Your general job is going to be kill whatever is in front of you as fast as possible. Warlocks: Soulstones and healthstones. You generally prepare to give out 5 HS and one SS. Imagine that but x 40 people. Track your SS timer, learn when to banish, learn what pet you need for all areas. Ok.....Im done.




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