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What are our Guild Affiliations?

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  • What are our Guild Affiliations?

    When I play Ghost Recon, I know that someone with a =GsTA= tag will most likely will be helpful, and will be our type of player.

    In Counterstrike Source, I know that a -=dMw=- or TGS tag will be a good teammate, or a deadly enemy.

    Last night, Gambit and I took out the Raptors in the Wetlands with the help of some guys/gals from Godslayic. Good teamwork, overall. Of course, they let us take the aggro, but that's just good strategy. :icon19:

    They friendly?

    Do we have any affilitations, and if so, who are they? Have we a list of who we help, and who we do not? Are their some Guilds we just avoid grouping with because they are griefers?

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    Re: What are our Guild Affiliations?

    Some affilations that we have are Blood of the Dragonshard, this is the guild i was Guild Master of until i came to TG, they are a good bunch and that's why all my alts are still with that guild. They have a bunch of lower level toons that i'm sure if you ask would be glad to help out when they can.
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      Re: What are our Guild Affiliations?

      Ugh. Godslayic. Those guys spam every zone i'm in with guild invites.

      Mateo, we don't have any 'Official' affilliations with any guilds, (Well, Maybe Blood of the dragonshard... they're cool) but generally it's a crap shoot partying with anybody. there's always the chance that a good guild like, say, Twilight Siege (who we're friends with) has a bunch of bad apples.
      So team up with whoever you like, and if the people you group with turn out to be twits, don't hold it against their guild. unless you have that problem multiple times

      Now, Godslayic.. I got into an argument with their Guild leader over their name. but that's just cause i've got this bad habit of poking fun at people who don't seem to know what they're talking about.

      I'm bad that way. :P

      I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.


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        Re: What are our Guild Affiliations?

        We are very friendly with most of the established guilds on the server in one way or another. Blood of the Dragonshard, The Twilight Seige, and Sanctify are the top three I can think of, although there are certainly others. Zen and Roaming Death Squad are pvp friends.


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          Re: What are our Guild Affiliations?

          dont quote me, mostly cause i dont know the answer, but i would have to say that the guild that we grouped with for MC on wednesday could be considered a affiliate or what u wanna call it.
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            Re: What are our Guild Affiliations?

            Chair, that was Sanctify




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