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The Tactical Gamer Guild: What It Is, And Why You Should Join

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  • The Tactical Gamer Guild: What It Is, And Why You Should Join

    Attention all potential World of Warcraft recruits!

    Ahoy there, prospective new World of Warcraft Tactical Gamer Guild member!
    Chances are, you've been directed to this thread by a member of the Tactical Gamer WoW guild. Mayhaps you're looking to join us, and that's totally awesome, we're always looking for new people.
    Of course, you might just be curious about us, which is why this thread is here. So, follow me through this wonderful description of what Tactical Gamer is all about, won't you?

    For starters, The Tactical Gamer WoW guild is just a small facet of the Tactical Gamer community. As you can see from the homepage, World of Warcraft is but one of many games played by TGers, and most of the other games are First person shooters and strategy games. While the contrast between MMO’s like WoW and FPS’ like Battlefield 2 are really kinda evident, The ties that bind the TG community (RPGers and FPSers alike) together are just as evident.

    And Now for the whole point of this thread. Who Are we? How about a happy Q&A session?
    Q: Alrighty, I’ll bite. Who are you?
    A: We are the Tactical Gamer World of Warcraft guild based on the Alliance side of the Thunderhorn server. We span All levels, Use Teamspeak to communicate, and like long walks on warm moonlit beaches, provided there aren’t any murlocs on that beach.

    Q: All levels? So you have a bunch of lowbies?
    A: That we do. We have a healthy compliment of beginning players and low level alts. If we had nothing but 60’s, we wouldn’t have anybody to impress with our phat loot.

    Q: Don’t the lowbies feel a little… alienated? I mean, Aren’t you Raiding Endgame stuff all the time?
    A: I certainly hope they don’t feel alienated.. especially since we aren’t ALWAYS raiding endgame stuff. All of the 60’s in the guild are usually more than willing to help out the low level toons, whether it involves the patented ‘Drag-A-n00b’ through a low instance or hopping on one of our low level alts and teaming up with them.

    Q: What do you mean, you aren’t ALWAYS raiding endgame stuff? Aren’t you an Endgame Guild?
    A: That’s what I said. We aren’t Always Raiding endgame instances. And, quite frankly, No, We’re not an endgame guild.

    Q: Do you PvP a lot?
    A: You bet we do! We love killing time in the Battlegrounds!
    Q: Killing time… what about killing Hoarde!? Aren’t you worried about your ranks? What Kind of PvP guild are you?
    A: We aren’t a PvP guild. We do enjoy killing hoarde though. Almost as much as we like killing murlocs.

    Q: Alright, you aren’t Endgame, and you Aren’t PvP oriented…
    A: Correct!

    Q: So, What Are You?
    A: This is the tough question. The guild is not focused solely on Endgame content, Or PvP ranks. We’re more focused on making sure that everybody has fun.

    Q: So why do I want to join a guild with no goals?
    A: I never said we didn’t have goals. We, as a guild, have every intention of totally blowing the top off of Molten Core, and BWL, and Onyxia’s lair. We also have aspirations of becoming a recognized force in PvP. We want to make the Lobster Brood break out into a cold sweat whenever they see our guild tags in Arathi Basin. See, we’ve got goals, but we’ve also got patience. We are fully aware that the endgame instances take lots of practice to be able to do. We are currently in the process of practicing with other guilds until the day that we have enough level 60 toons to make a successful run by ourselves.
    The difference between Tactical Gamer and some other guilds, (as far as endgame or PvP focus goes) is that We’re in it for the fun of it. Yeah, the loot is awesome, but the loot will one day be obsolete. When that happens, the guild will still be around, we’ll still be friends, and we’ll be ready to run whatever we have to run to get better loot.

    Q: Well, that’s all well and good, but I want my loot now!
    A: That’s cool. So do I. And so do the rest of our guildies. Let’s get together and get working on that.

    Q: What if I suddenly decide that I want PvP gear more than endgame gear?
    A: That’s cool too. There are all sorts of people in the guild that are interested in the PvP gear. Team up with them.

    Q: Why does this sound too good to be true?
    A: It does, doesn’t it? Please keep in mind though, again, we aren’t endgame or PvP focused. You have your goals to reach, and we have goals to reach… but we want to reach them together. The guild isn’t going to stop you from reaching your goals, just so we can reach ours though. We’ll never force you to join a raid (unless you’re a priest), and we’ll never ask you to queue up for BG if you don’t want to.

    Q:Wait… Are you serious about the priest thing?
    A: No. Even though we really want to, we don’t force priests to raid with us. It is encouraged though. And it decreases the chance that somebody will ‘accidentally’ forget to draw aggro off of you the next time you party with them.

    Q: So, what do you want from me?
    A: We want you to join us, and have fun playing with a group of skilled and awesome people. I also want you to send me gold, but I’ve noticed that actually voicing that desire leads to a bunch of evil glares from Luna.

    Q: Alright, I’m convinced that this is the place for me. How do I join?
    A: Well, you’ve already made the first step by coming here to the forums. The next step is actually registering on the forums, and saying Hi! Once that’s done, We’d ask that you get Teamspeak (if you haven’t already) and hop onto our server (ask any of the officers in game for the IP and password.) and spend some time with us. After a couple days, If you still like us, are over 18, and have sent me enough gold, We’ll send an invite your way.

    Q: How much gold do I need to send you?
    A: Lots. A number higher than 50 should just abou... heh.. I mean… none. It was a joke. I do that sometimes.. especially when Luna isn’t looking, and doesn’t threaten to remove me from the guild.

    So there you have it. If you’re interested in joining a guild filled with helpful, fun and respectful players, then we’re the guild for you, Especially if you have aspirations of taking down Molten Core with a group of 40 friends sometime in the near future. Of course, if you’re looking for a stuffy end game guild filled with nothing but people who compete endlessly for loot, stand around in Ironforge and ask around. You’ll find somebody.

    I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.

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    Re: The Tactical Gamer Guild: What It Is, And Why You Should Join

    Nice. My only urk with this is the stuffy endgame guild remark. Have you met many of them?? Theres really not that much "competing" for gear for the true endgame guilds. You get your gear basically based on attendance, so as to promote a, "If you want your gear, you gotta play" attitude.


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      Re: The Tactical Gamer Guild: What It Is, And Why You Should Join

      Meh, I've chatted with a few of my friends who play on other servers. I'm not knocking any of the Endgame guilds on Thunderhorn.. I've met people from all of them, and i hear varying opinions most of them good. but in the event that we're nabbing people from other servers, I want them to know we're not uber strict. (nor are we even Semi strict At the moment.)

      I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.


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        Re: The Tactical Gamer Guild: What It Is, And Why You Should Join

        Right-o and bravo!!




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