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Reactivated my WoW account.

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  • Reactivated my WoW account.

    I just subbed up my wow account, I'll more than likely keep this active until Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is in Beta. I mostly play on Alliance characters but I do have some Horde, but I pefer Worgens and Dwarves.

    My battle ID is: Vitamin187#1730

    I currently play on Doomhammer Alliance, Battlegroup is Nightfall.
    2nd Server is Thrall Horde, Battlegroup is Stormstrike.

    Doomhammer Chars:
    110 Worgen Hunter - Kibblez (Yes I have a pet named Bitz)
    101 Night Elf Demon Hunter - Illunna
    100 Pandaren Shaman - Pandamine (wife named her that)
    76 Worgen Rogue - Subwoofer
    60 Draenei Paladin - Istolyurhart
    59 Dwarf Death Knight - Dethbeard
    40 Dwarf Warrior - Zztoppz
    24 Worgen Warlock - Aystolyursol
    17 Worgen Druid - Moonhowl
    16 Worgen Mage - Arialee

    Thrall Chars:
    100 Goblin Hunter - Spratzcopler
    68 Troll Shaman - Malakyan
    61 Troll Monk - Drunkinmastr
    55 Undead Death Knight - Smilezalot (he doesn't have a mouth, hence the name)
    48 Blood Elf Paladin - Saetash
    35 Orc Warrior - Obouldmnyaro (Tried to pull a name from the Forgotton Realm books of Drizzt Do'Urden series, but it was taken or didn't let me)
    30 Undead Rogue - Smilz (same as my Death Knight)
    23 Troll Druid - Gamjee
    10 Blood Elf Warlock - Tratoris

    Here is a screenshot of Kibblez and Bitz!!



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