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  • Thanks agian

    Thank you for those who went to scholo with and for me. Alava, Beep, Crimsonpally and Liseryoth - then Manny at the end.

    It really was a lot of fun for me - 5 man rocks so much more than raids. If any of you are interested in a 5 man through scholo or strat i would be more than happy to come with. It's nice to have something more challenging - and nice to do that with competent people.

    Even though we didnt get the quest done. Thank you all for your time, i know most of you really wanted to go to Molten Core and that coming with me instead was a big sacrifice. One that i really appreciate, the experience will hopefully secure a successful run in the near future.

    I couldn't ask for better guildmates.
    Thanks again.


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    Re: Thanks agian

    No problem Kossi, helping out a guildie is more important to me then any MC run.
    70 Night Elf Priest-Lunaar(holy)
    70 Human Mage-Alava(Fire)
    70 Night Elf Hunter-Insai(Beast Master)
    70 Dwarf Paladin-Ginoldor(Protection)
    70 Human Warrior-Revenged(Protection)
    70 Draenei Shaman-Tianora(Elemental)
    70 Draenei Shaman-Fayrel(Restoration)
    50 Undead Priest-Eikyl(Shadow)


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      Re: Thanks agian

      and we didn't really miss out on MC... Everybody that helped you out got into the Run. Even though they were full up on pallies for the longest time, and i didn't get in till the end,
      But like Alava said. It's all about helping the guildies. We know you'd do the same for us.

      at least we hope you would :D

      We'll get you your horse real soon.

      I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.




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