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  • 5 Man BlackRock Depths - r0Xx0rzZ

    It started out as an Idea. I logged on, casually asked if anything was going on, and one fateful whisper showed up on my screen.

    Liseryoth wanted to do a Blackrock Depths Key run.

    I'd been carrying the quest to get the key in my log for ages. I had started to think of it as something like a pet. An ugly pet that had eaten a key that I wanted... So I told Lise that I was all up for the key run.
    Due to Lise's blatant disregard for 'Class Balance', We already had two paladins. Me and Kossi. Beep signed up right away. We had a little bit of difficulties finding a Mage... So, like real troopers, we stared in the face of adversity... and gave up and asked Crebis. He ignored us. We kept asking for a little while, but couldn't find any AoE. We were about to give up when Crebis (on his alt) said 'BRD 5man? Need a hunter?'
    Late is always better than never.

    So, We grouped up and took off to Blackrock mountain. I had a good feeling about this 5 man attempt. I mean, how hard could it be to get the key?
    Just as i was entering the tunnel that leads to the instance I ran into Beep. We headed towards the Instance together, but Beep got distracted by the shinyness of Lord Pyron, and charged in with a hearty 'C'mon, it's only a level 52 Elite!'

    So after i finished Rezzing him we were ready.

    Into BRD we went. Crebis hesitantly accepted the crown I forced upon him, but took to leading like a duck takes to water. Everything was going just peachy. We cut our way through the Mobs all the way to the guy we needed to kill for our key. We killed the guy we needed to kill, and we got the key for killing the guy we needed to kill.

    That's when it got pear-shaped. You're brave and courageous warriors were feeling cocky and invincible.(
    And I wanted my Gloves. So did Kossi, but she didn't know that i'd totally ninja them as soon as i... I mean.. she had a fair chance to get them. Sorta... .. ....) So we decided to 5 man it down to the emperor.
    We took a quick detour to Kill Incendius. Nothin hairy happened. We started clearing our way to the Emperor. After a slight... uhh,Wipe due to directional miscommunication, (Beep: Oh,oh... wrong Mob I thought you mean this... let me die, just let me die, i thought you meant This mob..). And Me dying a horrible death at the hands of about 20 mobs due to a slightly botched jump. (Please note. No wipe here... Nobody came to MY rescue.) And Kossi Swan diving right off the bridge with all the fire elementals... AND after a wipe in the 'Everybody goes left, So lets go right!' room, We were ready to fight the seven Dwarves.

    I don't know how the rest of the team was feeling when we went into that fight... but i know that i was worried about it. It seemed to be a frantic fight with 10 people. But when the fight started, I was blown away by just how quickly the Seven Dwarves became the seven smears on the floor. I stood there for a second just soaking in the Awesome that was pouring from my team mates.
    And that was totally what brought us the courage for the next step... The Lyceum.

    For those of you who have never been to BRD, the Lyceum is a large square room, filled with A) Pillars, B) Dwarves, C) Dwarves, D) Dwarves carrying torches, E) Dwarves F) large torch things you need to light to get out G) Dwarves, and H)Dwarves.
    You might've noticed that I mentioned there were a few dwarves in the room. well, they tend to travel around in groups of anywhere from 5 to 15, and once you kill them, they respawn about 45 to 90 seconds later.
    The goal of this room is to find the two dwarves carrying torches, kill them, and then light the big torch things within five minutes of picking up the torch. While avoiding as many dwarves as you can, which isn't easy, seeing as how these dwarves Aggro from about 300 yards away.
    I'm not ashamed to say that this room intimidated me. It's scary in a 10 man. You run through as fast as you can in the tightest little ball of people you can make, and if you aggro dwarves, you AoE them to death. I'm sure we could've done that too, if we had more than Crebis and Kossi with AoE.
    We stood at the door to the Lyceum, pondering how we were going to get the first torch we needed. We went with that 'Stay close together and run like hell' approach.
    Didn't work to well. We picked up to many dwarves, and couldn't get the first group of dwarves down before the second one jumped us.
    We regrouped at the door. Crebis sent his pet in, and we tried to pull the torch guy to us that way. It worked. So Crebis sent his pet in again.

    "Guys, we're gonna get alot more guys with this pull... around... 20, i'll say"
    We were still feeling cocky.
    "Let's do it." was the general concensus.

    Crebis unstealthed his cat. We stood, waiting.. watching. then we saw the cat coming toward us with about...30 dwarves on his tail. and another 40 behind them.
    And there in the door of the Lyceum, The five of us stood.


    There was no 'Alright! defend yourselves!' there wasn't any 'Run!'. There was just laughter as the party was mowed down by about 70 Dwarves.
    There is NO way I can explain to you just how hilarious it was for ME. standing in the center of the door, with my terrain settings turned down low so I could barely see past the third row of columns... and all of these beasts flying out of the fog.

    During the corpse walk, We discussed calling it quits, maybe opening the party to Raid status and getting a Mage. But high on the humour of it all, and still feeling invincible, we decided to try it one last time.
    Our new and revised tactic involved, well, running through like idiots, grabbing the torch, and zerging any groups that got in our way. Both times I found myself running towards the fallen torch guy, training 4 or 5 dwarves after me, grabbing the torch, and booting it back to the group.. then running to the brazier to light it so we could get out.
    It was intense. The fluidity of the entire 5 minutes we were in there was unbelievable. we stopped once for mana, then started running again.
    In the end, we made it through.

    THAT, my friends, is triumph. Standing in the hall, with your back to the door, looking at your friends toons and realizing, 'Yeah. we ARE that bad ass.'

    The rest of the instance went by in a blur. The emperors throne room was cleared in a matter of minutes, and the emperor went down without a hitch.

    The stupid jerk didn't drop my gloves. He dropped a red santa hat... but even if he hadn't dropped that, I still would've walked away from that Run feeling like the king of the world. (Even though Crebis Sat in the big throne for the manadatory Throne photo-op).

    So, to Crebis, Kossi, Beep, and Liseryoth, Thank you. The run was amazing, and the experience was grand.

    I'm still laughing about the dwarf swarm.

    I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.

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    Re: 5 Man BlackRock Depths - r0Xx0rzZ

    The following is repeated from another thread about this same outing.
    Originally posted by Kossi
    Nothing shows me the strength of TG's teamwork like our 5 man runs. BRD last night (for those of you that dont know, run by Beep, Crebis, Liseryoth, Manny and I)was phenomenal.
    One of the highlights of this outing was a bold attempt to have Crebis's pet attack a far distant torchbearer in the Lyceum and kite him back (with a "few" adds) to the main doorway. Fine! First torchbearer went off without a major hitch...brought a couple of groups with him, but worked great. Second torchbearer was a VERY different story. I've never even SEEN so many adds. One quick count (after the fact) from the combat logs was 68 dwarf mobs. Now they only do 25 damage each per attack, but that's 68 times 25 or 1,700 per attack round. We lasted about 10 seconds. We may have been able to last a second or two more, but we were laughing too hard to play well. Priceless!.

    After running back to the instance, we rethought our approach and moved in a more traditional manner up the aisles, taking on two groups at a time (seems to be the minimum possible there) until we could light the braziers and open the doors to the room with Magma and then the Emperor's room. We were all breathing hard (!) from the excitement of managing this in a 5 man "unbalanced" group (two pallys, no mage). After running the Lyceum Gauntlet, the emperor and his cronies were only a minor irritation :row__523:

    Good job by all and a great example of working together to make this outing a success.

    I gotta tell you that 5 manning a 10 man raid instance (Strat, Scholo, BRD) is hard work but creates some of the best moments I've ever had with WoW.

    Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. - (Isaac Asimov)


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      Re: 5 Man BlackRock Depths - r0Xx0rzZ

      I had a great time, I consider 10 - 15 person raids a way of getting to know an instance, but the 5 that's where the mastery lies. Great job by all, we had an awsome time.

      Class balance is a thing for fairytails :D


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        Re: 5 Man BlackRock Depths - r0Xx0rzZ

        I still have some amazing screen shots from this instance, and a couple great ones of us claiming the throne. Someone will have to help me get them on here.

        And i still cant believe i fell into the lava. Or that we just broke down laughing at the sight of 70 dwarves. Or that BRD, or all places, was so amazingly fun.

        And i still loved evrey bit of that night with you guys. Completely and totally awesome.


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          Re: 5 Man BlackRock Depths - r0Xx0rzZ

          Sounds like a blast, guys! We need to make a collection of "war stories"- I love reading these things!


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            Re: 5 Man BlackRock Depths - r0Xx0rzZ

            I saw some of the screen shots from this run, and I must say, they're excellent. Kossi, I'll try to help you get them up here. :D


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              Re: 5 Man BlackRock Depths - r0Xx0rzZ

              Glad to see it done and hope your up to repeating it sometime. I would love to do the 5man quest I have for the Emporer.
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