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    this guild is good and fast is all I am going to say by toinght we should have 1 head to turn in.
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    Re: AQ info

    Originally posted by Helle
    Fires of Heaven has decided to share the love. Ahn'Qiraj is coming and we need your help. In order to open the gates we need YOUR help to gather the materials for the Ahn'Qiraq War Effort. Even though we know that rewards will be available for gamers at all levels we don't expect the entire server to get excited about something that seems to be geared towards guilds like ours, so we've decided to sweeten the pot.

    3 Grand Prizes:
    Each of our 3 grand prize winners will receive their very own MOLTEN CORE RUN!! That's right, we'll take you and four of your friends on a run through the fabulous Molten Core where you can loot whatever you please. Remember watching tv as a kid and seeing TV shows give away Toys 'R Us Shopping Sprees? This is YOUR CHANCE! The top three winners will be given their own private Molten Core run by Fires of Heaven and allowed to bring 4 friends and loot whatever they want*, start to finish.

    1 Golden Ticket
    One raffle winner will win 1000g.

    Runner ups will be entered into a drawing for tons of fabulous Epic and Superior grade items!
    i would rather have the molten core run, now THATS fat bucks loot
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      Re: AQ info

      That guild's homepage is hilarious.




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