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  • Manny : The Totally not embedded Correspondant.

    First of all guys, I'm sorry for not being able to make ZG tonight. There was real life work drama galore, and I was trapped at work for way longer than i wanted to be.

    But my presence (or lack there of) doesn't matter..

    To all of the Tactical Gamer guild Members, and all of the guests, friends, families, tagalongs, and pets that participated on the Zul'Gurub run of January 6th, 2006.


    I was listening in on Teamspeak for your boss fights... I sat in tense anticipation as i heard the percentage count on the Snake boss.. It's a good thing my mic is broken at the moment, because I cheered so loud when I heard you take him down that I could see people outside my house looking towards my window with curious expressions.
    I was called back to work very shortly after that, but i made it back home in time to hear you start your fight with the Bat lady. Again, It's good that my mic is broken... because you guys would've been able to hear the quivering in my voice.

    Tonight you guys stepped up to a real challenge, and you beat it down, cleaned up and then set about looking for another challenge to beat down even worse. Two endgame bosses downed. You all deserve medals.
    And don't let anybody tell you that this is no big deal.... Don't listen to people who say that a 20 man isn't anything like a 40 man. Yeah, they're different, but the group tactics are the same, the necessary skills to beat a 40 man are the same as the ones you have in a 20 man.

    And you guys displayed Skill to the max tonight.

    I'm not ashamed to admit that when I heard the bat lady go down, there was a tear of happiness running down my cheek.

    Gratz guys. You've given me another reason to wear my Tabard with pride. I'm proud of you all, and i know that this guild will go places.

    I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.

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    Re: Manny : The Totally not embedded Correspondant.

    What he said!!

    Congratulations, guys! This is a proud moment for TG, ... it was so exciting to be in a room with my family members pwning in a ZG 20-man!

    Maybe in a few more weeks I'll be out there with you guys! :D


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      Re: Manny : The Totally not embedded Correspondant.

      That was one of the best feelings.

      Everything about that run was awesome.

      It was the collective cheer that went up at the end that did it for me. I love seeing us pwn so hardcore!


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        Re: Manny : The Totally not embedded Correspondant.

        i woke my room-mate up when we took down the bat-lady, a slight moment of embarrasment, follow by great joy for the rest of the night, too bad the grp broke apart after that, that grp had momentum and could have gone places in ZG
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          Re: Manny : The Totally not embedded Correspondant.

          When do we get to kill the end boss!?..... lol, i dont even know who the end boss is..... oops




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