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./cry I WISH I WAS A GM!!!

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  • ./cry I WISH I WAS A GM!!!

    This is why :_(

    "REMEMBER! Pillage first THEN Burn!"

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    Re: ./cry I WISH I WAS A GM!!!

    Hahahaha, my little brother talks about this weapon CONSTANTLY. Every time i go home he's like "When I'm a GM..... (insert improbability here)" This weapon is always at the top of his list.


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      Re: ./cry I WISH I WAS A GM!!!

      Sorry, I have to laugh sometimes when I read about the "Uber GM Items"

      Keep this in mind.

      1.) If you were A GM and were using this irresponsibly (GM's have no need to PVE or PVP) You would be fired, and thus lose access to it, and probably your chances of ever working in the gaming industry again.


      2.) If you were a GM and using this, you would be on a hacked server, congrats on that.

      When I GMed for a game I had a "GM Gun of Ultimate Power" (That's what It's name was) and I only had to use it a few times. Once against a player who ruined my event, with the blessing of the devs. I'll admit, that was alot of fun. But There was another GM on our little team who would use it to level his in-game alias. He was let go, promptly.

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        Re: ./cry I WISH I WAS A GM!!!

        lol, I'm not a member of the WoW community, but you also have to take this into consideration about allakhazam:

        They have bots that check the games .dat files, so some items in the game may not even exist for GMs. I don't play WoW so idk about this item, but keep that in mind next time you're poking around on allakhazam, b/c what generally happens on their FFXI site is that they will post seemingly outrageous items that are either:

        1) an item that will be implemented in the game later, but it is being tweaked by the dev team atm

        2) a GM exclusive

        3) an item that doesn't exist in the game in any way, shape, or form, but is simply there for the dev team to mess with, and it will not be put in the game any time in the near future for GMs or otherwise.


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          Re: ./cry I WISH I WAS A GM!!!

          that is a haxxor, it isnt even printed right, for one thing the word PASSIVE is used instead of EQUIP, and for another thing, it requires lvl 70, maybe, MAYBE we are looking at an expansion pack item, MAYBE, but theres no way that item exists in azeroth for GMs
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