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  • Zul'Gurub+TG=Pwnage.

    So, Last night, TG lagged it's way into Zul'gurub.
    I can hear you wondering already... 'Again? Why would they go Again?!'
    The answer to that, my friends, is because that place just doesn't get boring... ESPECIALLY, when we go in there and kick SO much troll behind.
    Crebis took the lead again, deftly guiding us from pull to pull, (It's My understanding that there was the knowledgeable voice of Skeet in his ear. A HUGE thanks to him for that, and a Huge thanks to him for putting his tank back in TG, We appreciate it Skeet, and we missed you!). We downed the snake boss in practically one shot (just a bit of a hiccough at first.) then, thirsting for new, greater challenges, we set off to beat down a new boss.

    The Raptor Boss.

    I've had a personal vendetta against this boss for ages.. So let me tell you this in all honesty. I very nearly died when we took him down.

    In ONE shot!
    That's right. one of the hardest bosses that Zul'gurub has to offer got his tail handed to him in ONE fight. (that seemed to take forever, but was intense beyond words)

    So, a heartfelt congratulations to everybody that participated, (Guildies and Non-guildies alike!) for being so damned hardcore it's not even funny. After downing the Raptor boss, The other bosses don't look so bad... And Hakkar?
    pffft. Sissy, We'll beat him down by the end of the month.

    Wear your Tabards with Pride, Guildies... This guild is goin places!

    I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.

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    Re: Zul'Gurub+TG=Pwnage.

    ya thx Crebis, you da MAN! we gotta do it agian =)............ and again and again and again and again............................................a nd again!!!!!
    whens the next one?


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      Re: Zul'Gurub+TG=Pwnage.

      Originally posted by ness
      whens the next one?
      Tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, 1/18/2005...7pm at gate, 7:30pm first mobs. Look for another signup thread for this (soon to be forthcoming...right Manny? Crebis? Buehler?)

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