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  • Guild Bank! :D

    Okay TGers! Listen up!

    After some discussion, and with the blessing of the officers, we've decided to get the ball rolling on a new Guild Bank!

    The purpose of the bank is to help out with things like mounts, gear, and supplies for our guildmates. Say you've just hit 40, and you're short on gold for your mount. The guild bank would be there to help you by giving you some money toward your mount. Or maybe you're doing a big raid and you need to buy supplies, or mats for potions for your group. The guild bank can also help out with things like that. The bank can also provide funding for event prizes. :) Basically, we want a way for TG to have a source of in-game income so we can provide assistance to our guildmates. This way, everyone can contribute to our own collective success, instead of putting all the strain on the high-levels to toss cash at us lowbies :). So this is great opportunity to help out your guild if you've been looking for a way how.

    The plan is that everyone will farm for at least 2 hours a week, and whatever loot or cash you farm during that period will get put into the bank. Any "phat lewts" will be sold on AH. Participation is optional of course, but we will be keeping track of who donates to the bank and who doesn't. How much you get out of the bank will be similar to what you put into it, so if you're contributing, you'll be in a good place!

    We're looking for level representatives for the following level ranges: 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's. (Crim will be the level rep. of the 60's)
    The responsibilities of these individuals will be to communicate with the banker and set up possible times and runs for group farming. They may also collect loot or money from their designated level range and then send it to the bank if players aren't sure where to send things to.

    There's no pressure, but if you participate the rewards should be great and this will do a lot to further us as a guild, ... like get us into some pretty awesome gear.

    (With permission) I will be making the "banker" toon later on tonight and will post the name here when it is made. I'm hoping "TGBank" isn't taken.

    If you have any questions about this, or you're interested in being a level representative: Send me or Crim a tell in game, reply to this post, pm us, whatever. :D Let us know what you think!

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    Re: Guild Bank! :D

    Sounds good! I'm sub-20 and not on that much but I'll do what I can. This'll be particularly nice as I find better stuff I can't use (eg. mail armor and many weapons), as I can redeploy it to those who can or to those who know how to effectively sell it on the AH.
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      Re: Guild Bank! :D

      This is a cool idea. We could have our very own Rhogan! I'll contribute whatever I can.


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        Re: Guild Bank! :D

        What sort of elaborate pyramid scheme is this?

        So I farm 2 hours every week, and Adrielle gets the phat looty? I can dig it.

        I'm in. I can use this to get my herbal, first aid, and cooking skills up. I'll be the level 20-something soon to be 30 rep.


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          Re: Guild Bank! :D

          Things are still getting worked out with the officers at the moment, I'll post more details when I know about them :D


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            Re: Guild Bank! :D

            My contributions to this guild will be quite hefty. I have 2 toons who need nothing. I farm about 30 hours a week as is so the 2 hour requirement will not be a problem. Ill be mostly contributed gold, patterns, epics, etc etc though. If any of you guys want to get on some of my farming "raids" lets me know. It is quite boring, takes hours and sometime you get nothing. But for any of you 57-59ers, its great freaking xp, and the silver and runecloth adds up quick.


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              Re: Guild Bank! :D

              I'll let you know when I get to 57-59. 52 is on the way tonight hopefully.

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                Re: Guild Bank! :D

                so every other crusader enchant skeet farms goes to the bank =D
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                  Re: Guild Bank! :D

                  Update: This will hopefully be up and running by the beginning of next week if not sooner! :D


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                    Re: Guild Bank! :D

                    I would like to encourage some thinking on this topic.

                    Mostly because while playing with ScaredLord last night he had some very interesting ideas about how to run this differently. Since in was almost 3 in the morning for me i do not remember exactly what he said. But it had more to do with gold donations according to lvl and rank in the guild.

                    Scared: I hope you see this and elaborate :)

                    Because i thought it was a well organized and fantastic idea.


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                      Re: Guild Bank! :D

                      SacredLord messaged me in game last night and said if I needed anything to let him know.

                      I'll be sure to message him in game and ask about what he said to you, Koss. Any ideas will certainly be appreciated especially since I know he has experience on the matter. :D


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                        Re: Guild Bank! :D

                        Okay so the toon name for the guild bank is Tgbankerone.

                        Well, go on, get's to sendin'!

                        Oh and to everyone who has already sent items or cash donations, thank you very much, it's all very much appreciated! Keep up the good work!


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                          Re: Guild Bank! :D

                          Hi all,

                          When the bank idea started in the Holy Knights of Azeroth (ďHKoAĒ), one of our players made the toon which was "Roboknight" and Iíve decided that all GMīs (I had the guild control but Iíve promoted other 4 members to GM council and we were 5) should have to pay 5gp weekly - we were all 60īs -, all our generals paid 3gp, officers 2gp, all 50+ 1gp weekly.

                          Why this contribution?

                          Let me start from the beginning, TGBANKERONE has to be a chanter - at least lvl 5 so he can DE items not claimed in a week.

                          Tell people to do not send "junk" i.e.: bandages, linen cloth... every used spot in the bank cost us $$ so letís use it wisely.

                          All green items not claimed in a week must be disenchanted an/or sold in AH. There are certain items that sell better in AH than if we DE them, so the bank administrator needs a good upraise skill to decide what is better. Unnecessary to say the money of AH from items sold reverts to the bank...

                          Ok, this is the hard part... blue items, what we do if they are not claimed? In HKoA, we were 350 members, excluding toons and inactive players +/- 200 guildies, so the only way to make them all know what we have in the bank was accessing our site. (Itís fundamental that the site is update with all available items - and please make it possible to see their stats).

                          I personally donít like the DKPs (Dragon Kill Points) loot system but Iíll agree with any superior decisions taken.

                          The DKPs consists in record points for each raid attended to a certain player and then, he can "spend" the points taking items from the bank - not fair in my opinion because it could dangerously make the feeling that raids and etc. are obligated which makes me conclude that the game is becoming a job...

                          So, in my experience as GM, "first come, first serve" was the best option, except on some blue items claimed for more than 1 guildie (like we had a case with BS belt), then I think the "council" has to decide according to: i) effective need and ii) guild commitment.
                          Some occasions a very committed and older member could use it, but another player - wearing a green - may effectively need it as an upgrade, thatís why first critter may be NEED.

                          Another very important rule to make it fair: Blue items may be claimed only if you have at least 2 months in TG, we donít want do pimp someoneís gear and see him leaving the guild a week after.

                          Now I will explain the why the gold donations are important...

                          Well, in my opinion - and trust me, I was right -, a strong guild has a wealth bank.
                          Yes, people may have access to our gold... but this is no salvation army :) They have to return the money in a certain time, so all loans have to be approved according to money income of the player who is asking for it.

                          I once had a problem with a 59 warlock that didnít pay me a 175gp loan. Unnecessary to say that he has been booted and reported to a WoW GM. They were very nice to me an after investigating the case, they sent me the money back.
                          So keep a register of every loan, like I did, this way we will protect ourselves from a sour experience. (they do not accept printed screen as proof because it can be modified with some programs, so take a note of the day and before you gave anyone the money ask something like: "You know this is a loan and you have 'x' days to pay our guild bank back?" - this is the proof Blizzard accept).

                          What we can do, and this has to be discussed, is a mount fund to help those players that really donít know how to make money in the game or are in their first toon. In this case, the bank administrator can make another toon and the money reverted from unclaimed items sold in AH could be donated to this found. (This gold will be a donation to our guildies not a loan).

                          With the money received, the bank administrator can also buy more slots to save more items - extra slots are expensive.

                          In a few months we will have approximately over 1000gp in the bank. The money could be reverted to buy MC gears to our main tank, fire resistance to all of us, a new staff for our priest...
                          In that case this is a donation, since we all would benefit, even if only one of us get that epic item from AH, since we are a team and this will be used raiding together i.e.: our warrior will tank easily the bosses in ZG/MC and/or our priest healing us more efficiently. The easiest we make it, more epic items will drop from mobs we defeat, then we will all - as a team - get it.

                          This is a little of my experience as HKoA GM, I hope it helps :)




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                            Re: Guild Bank! :D

                            I dont know about the idea of making people pay. 5g is a drop in the bucket, and Ive already taken care of at least 20 weeks worth, but even still. Its kinda like starting in the hole every week, a kinda pay your fee or xx will happen. I dont like the idea. Someone else please argue the other point for me.


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                              Re: Guild Bank! :D

                              I don't have an issue with paying dues. When we do guild runs we can also donate the grey drops to the guild, those usless gray items can add up really fast.




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