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  • Wednesdays ZG run

    Whats up guys

    Im making this post so that basically we can discuss what went wrong with the bat boss last night. Here are some problems that I saw:

    - Curses were not planed out in advance. This is my fault and I would like to say I'm sorry, I honestly believe if BOTH curse of shadows and curse of elements were on her we could have taken her down that one time. (10% more damage each spell from every mage makes a BIG difference). Next time I will try to do better to organize the locks

    - Im not 100% because it got crazy but I didnt see a lot of band aids being used. this is especially important for DPS classes because the splash damage we take adds up and healers need to concentrate on the tank. I very strongly suggest ALL classes get 300 first aid and have a good supply of band aids on them before these fights.

    -Lack of a 2nd protection spec warrior. It pains me to say this but not all builds are good for all things. Each build is good for different reasons and Arms/Fury is not as good for tanking seniorita psychopath as prot. is. We need at least 2 brick walls in all thier protection glory to swap aggro when one dies.

    -Beep kept dying. Not saying this is his fault because his main concentration HAS to be keeping the enemy hitting him. I dont know if we need to help gear him up better or healers need to be a little more on the ball with the bubbles (it doesnt effect aggro and if it does it is negligible). Its 1000+ instant hp and that is a spell we gotta spam.

    - Lack of TG interest. Together we rock, with other guilds we seem to fizzle out. Just my observations from last night and when i took my dad's priest to MC but we had a couple people off comms and a handfull of people from a different guild that may be inexperienced with ZG, or are used to a different strategy than the one we use. We are used to working as a team and are aware of each others strangths and weaknesses so its easy for us to quickly compensate without even talking to each other, I have seen it in scholo when we pull whole rooms and everyone is there doing what they do in total awesomeness and we take A WHOLE ROOM at a time. We need to either get other guilds used to us or get more interest in this kind of thing.

    - Gear. I hate to sa this because I love doing ZG but we need to get EVERYONE geared appropriately for this place. We have pallies, warriors (i think), mages, hunters, locks all lacking thier full set peices. It seems the only people with full anything are the priests (and thank goodness they are!). Maybe we need to go through and find out what people need and just work on getting it for them...good gear makes a difference.

    - Our DPS classes died fast. Dont know any suggestions other than stay with that pally casting consecrate and keep those bats close. We NEED DPS at the end of the fight. We cant tank her forever and if those classes go down it takes out our ability to counterspell, mana drain, viper sting, etc.

    Sorry that was long winded and I dont mean to chew anyone out (except myself because I really think that damage would have made a difference). Truth is though I didnt plan on going to ZG. I didnt sign up and I didnt 100% feel like doing it so I guess im part of the lack of interest as well. Anyway, those are my main concerns for improvement...add or discuss. :)

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    Re: Wednesdays ZG run

    I don't feel healing from Priests was as good as it could have been. I don't feel I was really on the ball. Also, I was out of Mana by the time we got her down to 50%, this is using two mana pots and 2 dark ruins. The other Priests we had where not all devout and I doubt they had a deep mana pool.


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      Re: Wednesdays ZG run


      Sorry if I or any of my guildies didn’t play as expected :(

      In my case, I don’t use LF in the end-game instances; I usually wear cloth with healing bonus and plate gear with mana regeneration. Plate or not, I’m all blue and epic...

      When we killed Jiklik (or whatever the bat boss name spells), we did it with 3 warriors and 2 locks exclusively draining her mana. 3 other hunters helped the locks draining her mana too.

      Yesterday, we were awesome ´till the boss, no wipes and in less than half an hour we were challenging the 1st boss.

      In my opinion, we could try it with 3 warriors - I know you’ve done with 2, however it may be much easier with one more -, also 1 more druid since we only had 1.

      I’ve told our warrior to respec in protection, next raid this problem will be fixed.

      Even not taking the boss down, I’m not frustrated with the results, it was very nice to raid with all of you and I’m pretty sure next time we will get there.




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        Re: Wednesdays ZG run

        Well, from the sounds of it, there were two key issues:

        1. Aggro Management: One rock is not enough for a Guild to stand on with both feet.

        2. Healers: Not enough, or spread out amongst too many DPS dealers to be effective. Perhaps assigning a healer/pally to each raid group should be mandatory, plus a healer dedicated to keeping Beep alive.

        Both of those things require more bodies, and better coordination.


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          Re: Wednesdays ZG run

          I don' t think you have a lack a TG involvment. Look at how many ZG runs we have done the last few weeks. I think the since the nuber of runs has increased there is just a increased chance of real life getting in the way of game time. I for am barely getting home from work many weeknights when these runs are scheduled to start. I can almost never make that start time on a week night unless I tell my kids to go feed themselves. Especially if it is my wifes week on work. I know the extra time is nice by starting earlier but we used to start these things at like 8 or 9 server time. I know most of you are east coast 7 server time is all ready pretty late for you but I know at myself and Kemo and Mountain Standard Time and are not always able hit those times especially midweek.
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            Re: Wednesdays ZG run

            Usually for bosses, Priests are on tanks only, everyone else is left to bandaging themselfs. If the tanks go down, that's a wipe.


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              Re: Wednesdays ZG run

              I did not mean to critisize you or your guild sacredlord, only to say that I know different guilds and groups have different strategies for the bosses and I know if I went with another guild it would be hard to break away from a strategy I have seen work, and would be hard going into it without knowing the specs/capabilities of the people there. It isnt an issue as far as quality players is concerned (you guys were great), it is more of a team dynamic issue.

              And I in no way meant to bash friendly guildies or make them change specs. Sorry if it came out like that :(


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                Re: Wednesdays ZG run

                Sacred i don't think your Tank nesseccarily needs to respec unless he wants to. I mean how people play the game is there choice. Arms/Fury is great for OT and if we have 2 Protection tanks like we usually do an Arms/Fury tank isn't a bad thing. But we are getting use to each other and it will take time but i'm sure we'll succeed together in the near future : ) And as far as set pieces Alava and Lunaar have there full sets and the best gear i can find for them without MC so i will be more then happy to help others get there sets : )
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                  Re: Wednesdays ZG run

                  Chimming in with my two cents here. From Pugs to all guild, ive seen this boss taken down easily 10 different ways. Ive seen up to 4 tanks on her at once and as little as one. The setup is as follows and has the best success rate:

                  Tanks take spots at base of wall
                  Warlocks Park imps near tanks
                  All healers get max rang on tanks, pallies, priests, druids, etc

                  Mages/locks and one pally bunched in a group for bats.

                  Tanks pull bat boss, dmg is called @ 3-4 sunders. Off tank starts dmg, no sunders as to not steal aggro.

                  Bat pats come out, pallie in caster group consecrates and mages/locks aoe down the bats.

                  In between bat packs, locks and hunters should be draining mana. All available dps should be slow and steady on the boss throught the bat packs.

                  At 50% she turns human. Any other available tanks/rogues start a shield bash/kick rotation to keep her from healing.

                  Caster group scatters to avoid being bunched and hit by bat bombs. Dps stay constant, mages counterspelling on CT Raid healing warning.

                  With a little patience, this fight takes about 5-7 mins and shes dead.




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