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  • Pimp My Steed

    Ok SUPER HUGE thanks to these people for helping me get the dreadsteed!

    -Big thanks to Ricca for staying up way too late making me potions for i believe it was the candle.

    -Big thanks to Crim for the Shard/Dust/Ca$h he donated for the wheel/buying the items back.

    -Big thanks to Kossi for good lord thats a lot of money she donated (or mebbe loaned) me.

    -Big thanks to Skeet for knowing what the heck to do.

    -SUPER thanks to Luna, Skeet, Kossi, and Patchs for doing the final leg of the quest

    -Big thanks to Lunaar and Kemo and anyone else who helped me 5 man the scholo portion of the quest

    -and finally thanks to manny for letting Kossi go for the Dire Maul part...we both appreciate being able to go together.

    Thank you to anyone i havent mentioned i think i covered everything but there was so much to do im sorry if i forgot you...I see this as a guild achievement and looking at how many high end locks we have/locks coming up, like skeet said we probably wont see anything like the dreadsteed quest for a long time.

    All the same if any locks need their steed later on in TG life They do not have to buy the mats from the crappy goblin vendor who sells back to you all the items you helped make (stinking goblins) all they need is me and a smile (and about 30 or so shards dang it took a lot!)

    Thanks again TG fo' life!

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    Re: Pimp My Steed

    Gratz Erick im glad you got it.
    Candrice 63 Warrior
    Ricca 70 Rogue
    Machelle 70 Mage
    Enya 74 Druid


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      Re: Pimp My Steed

      Woot!!!! Hehe, i got to be on the scholo run AND the dire maul run!!!! That was a rockin blast of a time!! (thanks so much manny! i didnt want to have spent all that time and money and not get to do the fun part - i owe you)

      Congratulations.... now you can keep up :)




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        Re: Pimp My Steed

        Gratumalations, Bro :) Now you're faster than me and my Carrot on a Stick. :D


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          Re: Pimp My Steed

          wanna race?
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