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So what's the status on a horde sect?

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  • So what's the status on a horde sect?

    I only know a few of you guys, and am new to WoW, so pardon me if I'm speaking a bit out of turn-

    I just wanted to check and see if we were still trying to get a horde group going on another server. I've read a thread or two on it, and I know there are a few more people like me who cannot currently play on Thunderhorn. With no goals in sight, I find it hard to play the character I have on another server.

    If one of the officers would maybe like to get a poll going, or if anyone would like to go ahead and throw out suggestions on servers, I say the sooner the better. I think most of it just depends on how willing all you high-level guys are to start anew- and I totally understand if you're not.

    Anyway, just wanted to get the ball rolling (or give it a slight nudge...).

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    Re: So what's the status on a horde sect?

    Im all in im not in the guild (underage) but i like the idea.

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      Re: So what's the status on a horde sect?

      Vinzalf has an Horde alt on Alexstrasza. If we do anything structured, it will probably be there. I tried logging into that server, and ended up #237 in line, with a 6 minute login time. Ouch. So much for new. :row__577:


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        Re: So what's the status on a horde sect?

        Yea the overpopuplation problem is spreading very quickly.

        There isn't really anything structured at all right now, and Mostly we've been just goofin off there.

        For Example, last night, me and three others all rolled tauren shamans and teamed up to display our wrath (no pun intended... well okay, yes it was ;D ) against the evil plainstriders.

        If anything is fully decided we'll let you know, first problem is getting the number of people required for a guild, and well, deciding what characters are worth leveling.

        There is also the issue of Guild Administration. It would have to be understood that If a horde guild were started, the Alliance guild on Thunderhorn would come first.

        I can try to answer any questions on the subject, but nothing is set in stone for now, and may not be for a little bit. (Including the server, which since it's got a Q now... and im guessing all the servers will have Queues, then we may want to wait until Blizz puts up another Brand new server, so we get the maximum amount of time without those dreaded things)

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          Re: So what's the status on a horde sect?

          Some general thoughts:

          Tactical Gamer and all of its efforts in World of Warcraft are Alliance oriented, and based in Thunderhorn. That takes priority, and all of our efforts are geared towards that.

          The Tactical Horde, then, would just be something loose and non-prioritized: you know, something we do for fun.

          I think we have 10 players that want to roll a Horde alt, or while the new character creation lock is in place on Thunderhorn.

          That's not enough to really matter as far as end game, or major instances are concerned, but it would still be something fun to do.

          Still interested?




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