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    from the patch notes for 1.9.3
    Molten Core
    * It should now be very difficult to remain out of combat while
    fighting the bosses in Molten Core.
    * A small number of spawns have been removed from Zul'Gurub to allow for a slightly faster clearing time.
    * Increased cooldown on Poison Bolt Volley of High Priestess Mar'li.
    * Slightly reduced the melee damage of High Priestess Mar'li.
    * The vengance effect gained by the death of the raptor Ohgan during
    the Bloodlord Mandokir fight has been increased in power.
    * Reduced the overall damage of High Priest Thekal.
    * Slowed the rate at which the panthers spawn during the High
    Priestess Arlokk fight.
    * Hakkar:
    Melee damage reduced.
    Cause Insanity should now correctly target Hakkar's current target,
    rather than closest.
    Cause Insanity will no longer remove all threat gained.
    Reduced the damage dealt by Poisonous Blood Siphon.
    Increased cooldown on Blood Siphon.
    Gained an Enrage ability after 10 minutes in combat.
    No longer has the Slow ability.
    Corrupted Blood now deals direct damage with a following damage
    over time effect and no longer spreads to others in the raid.
    Fixed a bug that was causing Corrupted Blood to target the current
    target rather than the intended random target.
    * Increased duration of Poisonous Cloud emitted by Sons of Hakkar.
    * Shades of Jin'do are now considered Undead.

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