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    As we are getting bigger and better and badder day-by-day, I'm tickled to see so many new faces and players. I do worry a bit about class balance, however. Even with that worry, we are not in the mode of "closing" the guild to new members...quite the contrary!

    What we need most, IMO, is healers. Priests and Resto Druids, to be specific. Dwarf priests would be even better!

    Why am I posting this? I'm hoping to stimulate your thinking to be on the lookout for Priests and Druids who are "TG Material". Collectively, we have a huge network of friends and acquaintances that may include healers who would be a good fit with us. We don'twant to poach/steal from other guilds, BTW. That isn't our style. We don't ever want to be accused of that by our friends and allies!

    On the other hand, if someone isn't happy where they are, we DO want to be a good alternative for folks looking for a new home. Feel free to invite your friends who are not TG to run instances with us and party with us. I think we've got a good thing going that others will recognize when they encounter it.

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