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  • AQ Debriefing

    Didnt see one in the regular old forums so I thought I would post a debriefing thread here.

    Basically just shout we rock, and give some advice on how we can improve.

    1.WE ROCK!!!!

    2. Clear comms for the raid leaders! If you arent asking what you could do to help the raid (buff type, ss, cookie, rezz location etc.) you need to keep the chatter down. I know this is a new instance too so its cool to make suggestions, but long winded disscussions in the heat of battle are distracting.

    3. The hardest thing about this instance seems to be crowd control. Mages and warlocks just cant do what we are good at here (oh and dont think that doesnt chap my tweese*). So we need to look for alternative...most likely druidy solutions. Perhaps a good hunter/frost mage team could keep the mobs slipping on ice too (but that is a less effective way of doing it).

    4. WE ROCK!!!

    thats about it for me, and to all those pallies there last night im glad your BoP has a use!

    *homestarrunner fans will get this reference, it means buttweesimo or rear end...a polite, non-swear for the forums that sounds funny.

    -Hold onto the pin, throw the other part

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    Re: AQ Debriefing

    One thing that would help is if will all follow the RAID SOP.

    There is 2 of them so I am posting the links.


    That talks about the chatter and how raids should run. If you have any questions check out this forum: or PM an officer.


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      Re: AQ Debriefing

      I have a bunch of screenshots too - need to figure out how to post them.....

      basically the instance is HUGE... and it was insane-cool-fun-time had by all!


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        Re: AQ Debriefing

        Just wanted to thank Tactical Gamer for letting Kailes and I join you all in AQ Thursday night. I was never sooo happy as to see that bug die. Vindication at last! Anytime you all need an extra priest and/ or warlock, feel free to look us up. I've been on my druid lately getting her leveled so you can find me as Rhiessa too!

        Congradulations on a great first run in AQ - you guys rock!




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