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  • Some thoughts

    I realize that last night we got everything out in the open and decided to work on it and I think we have even made a lot of progress toward getting our heads straight.

    The biggest accomplishment we made was to decide what we are all about. I know the "big tent" thing is a nice idea, but without a set of goals we will have a lot of people running around saying "why am I not getting help with (insert any facet of WoW here)".

    From what I have seen this guild will more than likely choose to be endgame. This, has been a big deal for everyone, and is causing a lot of concern from the lower level members (even some not so low). I know it has not been decided yet, but in case the guild does decide to become endgame this does not mean that we are discouraging our lower level players.

    What I do want to point out though is this. I have never gotten to level 60 with any toon because of help from the guild. Its a sad fact, but the way WoW is set up it is MUCH faster to solo grind your way to 60, and that is why you dont see many level 60s helping you guys level. For one, the higher a toon is above you when you are grouped with them the less XP you get. now after 55 that starts to not matter as much, but grinding by yourself is still much better than sharing xp with 10-15 other people.

    Now I know that the matter of tactics and teamwork has been brought up, to that I can only say that in my experience the main tactics are determined by the raid leader, and usually our raid leaders tell people what they need to be doing. If it happens to be an MC raid, then your class leader will tell you what you need to be doing.

    The concern about changing specs has also been brought up. To this I can only say: it happens. A person might LOVE being a shadow priest and that might be great when they are by themselves, but when you get into 10-15 man raids and you are hanging out in shadow form EVERYONE will be yelling at you and you may even get booted from the raid. Its sad I know, but the priest was not invited to do DPS, that is what the mages and rogues were invited for. The point is in those raids everyone has a job to do, I did a DM tribute run with a fury specced warrior yesterday and we didnt even make it past the courtyard (not very far for those who havent been there) because he could not hold aggro against one DOT and a shadowbolt. Every spec is good for a certain thing and if you arent grouping with a spec that is good for the group I dont care who it is guildie or otherwise you will be made aware somehow, only a guildie has a better chance of being polite about it.

    just my 2c on what was brought up on those topics...please share your thoughts.

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    Re: Some thoughts

    Well, as for the respeccing...It is not required, but yu will notice how much of a benefit to the raid as a whole you become when you spec properly for endgame. Since skeet left (yes he left), I would like someone else to post the "Suggested Specs" in the it in the tactics section with a link from here...

    What I don't want is people giving up...that just irks me. It upsets me and saddens me, but guess what, I'm gonna play hard and do what I need to with this game. And TG is where I'm going to do it.

    Spec the way you want to, but expect to be less needed, as sunderland points out, when you are improperly spec'd.


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      Re: Some thoughts

      It seems that every growing guild goes through a bit of turbulence when they begin to do end-game raids.

      I've been in two guilds that couldn't make the transition from casual 'let's talk in guild chat' guilds to organizations that could run ( and survive ) Molten Core.

      For some reason, Molten Core-level raids just impose completely different requirements on players. What's tough about that is that there's honestly little to do at 60 beyond raiding. That has been hashed over endlessly in Blizzard's forums, of course, and I don't want to get into that.

      The thing I like about TG is that it's honestly a nice group of people and the guild puts together raids more efficiently than any guild I've ever been involved with.

      I'm not a hard-core raider or anything, but now that Fi's 60 that's what there is to do. So, Fi will
      spec as appropriate to raid content and I'll try to support TG however I can.

      I guess what I'm saying is that this is just a rough patch we can get through if we just stick together.

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        Re: Some thoughts

        Does it make sense to operate separate pre-60 and endgame guilds and set up a common IRC channel for joint chat? What downsides are there to organizing that way?
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