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Scholomance 7pm Server, 3/5/06

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  • Scholomance 7pm Server, 3/5/06

    Would anyone like to do a Scholo 10 man tonight at 7pm(SHARP) Server time? I need to get my magisters and im sure there are those of you who need your set pieces as well.
    So far we have:

    Zeddzorander - 60 Mage
    Crebis - 60 Hunter
    Crim - 60 Mage
    Anah - 60 Resto Druid
    Machelle - 60 Mage
    Kossi - 60 Pally
    Sunderland - 60 Warlock
    Chirp - 54 Priest
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    Re: Scholomance 7pm Server, 3/5/06

    The date in the thread title was 10 days ago.

    Alas, I cannot attend due to work. It sucks but what can you do.

    Good luck though.

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      Re: Scholomance 7pm Server, 3/5/06

      i can bring my mage machelle she needs her shoulders
      Candrice 63 Warrior
      Ricca 70 Rogue
      Machelle 70 Mage
      Enya 74 Druid


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        Re: Scholomance 7pm Server, 3/5/06

        4 more levels, just 4 more levels


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          Re: Scholomance 7pm Server, 3/5/06

          that is so the spirit phantom!

          I will go too, even though I dont need anything from here I made a promise to my hot girlfriend that I would help her get the rest of her set.

          cant break a promise to a hot girlfriend!

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