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  • Announcement: Keeping the guild informed.

    This thread wil be locked and continue to change. Keep an eye on when it was last posted to by myself or another admin.

    Luna has stepped down and Crebis (Orion808) has accepted the crown. There was a officer meeting that was opened to the entire guild to allow people to put in their own opinions and ideas. Alot has come from this in my opinion:
    1) People were allowed to vent. That is one thing that we needed. Let's get it all on the table and then wipe the table clean.
    2) We are considering declaring ourselves for endgame. Casual in you are not forced to bring your toon every night we run. And we also are not 60 only. Help should be given to those around your level but it should not be expected. Consider something that was mentioned...If we do not help those that are trying hard to join us in endgame by leveling their toons, we shouldn't expect to have them join us once they reach the top?
    3) I asked people in the guild to stay until this weekend is over. We do not need people to give up on this.
    4) An Officer forum was created thanks to Apo. This will allow our new policy of having TG Supporting members and also non-supporting members to be officers. We are not WoW admins...we are TG-WoW Officers.

    And yet despite all this positive discussion and trying to salvage the guild...Ahaman removed all his toons from TG and joined the Velvet Blades. This is the guild we were running with in MC. After asking Arthyr to not invite until weekend's end and asking ahaman to stay in guild until weekend's end, Ahaman still left and was invited to VB 5 minutes later. This is bad form on Arthyr's point and I have personally lost respect for both Ahaman and Arthyr. Where does this leave us?
    1) We will feel odd running with VB on future runs. Especially with Ahaman leading them. In a way I feel as if I was deserted, but this is no matter. We are still carrying on.
    2) ZG for thursday is not going to be led by Ahaman. I will not allow it. It will be odd for him and detrimental for us.
    3) As for MC this weekend. I suggest we hold off, and instead run ZG. We are not excluding VB from our raids, we just need to take a minute to breathe.
    4) For tanks we have Beep (as long as he wishes to stay with us), Kemotaha (as feral Druid), Zandibar (Re-speccing to Protection and stepping up as a Main Tank)

    Expect to see polls in the forums. I'd hope all would check them and participate.
    There is also a "Main Toons" thread. This is for everyone to declare their toon that they wish to see endgame with. We will recruit people to the guild around our core group...For instance, if we are lacking in the druid and warrior department after everyone declares their main, we will be inviting Druids and Warriors to fill in our guild.

    Life continues to go on for this guild. There have been no one else that has left. We are down a mage and 2 warriors (Alava, Ahaman, TwoPercent)

    Possible MC for Saturday cancelled and instead the guild is going to AQ-20.
    Thursday's ZG run is still in the works but don't be dismayed if it is cancelled and something else is done instead. As you know we lost Ahaman who was running this instance. I am not able to make it, or at least, I am not able to stay more than the first boss.

    I've discussed with Ahaman and Arthyr (GM of the Velvet Blades) as to our further involvement with them. We will consider runs in the future with them, but not this weekend. The situation is just too awkward and we need to build on our own guild rather than grouping with another.

    ZG was kind of rocky tonight, but not due to a lack of man-power. We had a reset issue with Venoxis because he got bugged on us, and we had the same issues with the Bloodlord as before. Thanks to all that came and made it possible. Thanks to Essentials of Wisdom for sticking close to us this weekend.

    Alicity (60 Pally) and Bleue (60- Prot. Warrior)have officially rejoined the guild. They are former members of this guild that went over to a PvP server to try their hand at playing horde toons...we forgive them. Now it's time to celebrate as we welcome them into our midsts again.
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