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    What are effective techniques for selectively pulling?

    I was playing with a PUG yesterday doing Solomon's Law in Redridge and was having a devil of a time not aggroing 5 mobs at once. (It didn't help that 3 PUG's were working the quest at the same time, and I was trying to be a good druid and assisting other groups who'd pulled too many. (I'd do this after a wipe, as in wisp form I can beat everyone else back from the graveyard and have time to kill.) I'm a little high for the quest and was able to go cat form and back-slash gnolls that were taking out others, or healing random lowbies who were getting dangerously low on health. All part of "waving the TG flag".)

    I play lots of different classes, and I expect the pull techniques vary with class, so this is really a general question.
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    Re: Pulling

    You raise a great question...and I'll try to answer based on general principles as you asked.
    1. Pulling techniques DO vary by class, but you know that.
    2. Many mob setups are linked pulls...that is, you absolutely cannot pull just one. If you aggro one, they all come.
    3. Linked pulls need a party. One option is simply to zerg the whole group and try to overcome them. Alternatively, you use the group skills....this is where "crowd control" comes in...druids can root, rogues can sap, mages can polymorph, priests can shackle or mind-control. Party makeup and other common sense should help you decide what techniques to employ...but the idea is to take 1 or more mobs out of the fight while you concentrate damage on the remaining one(s). Your group should focus on mobs in sequence to take them down quickly.
    4. If you're soloing, it can be very tough...almost variant is the "ninja pull" (my term I just invented). That means you hang around until some other group tackles the mobs. Rather than steal the main target...thereby angering the whole may help or watch them. The idea here is that the RESPAWNS are your friend. Since respawns are on a timer...and the group killed them over the space of a few seconds...they will respawn in the order they were killed one at a time. This gives you the chance to kill them one at a time. You have to be quick, but it can be a "sneaky" way to handle the group of 3 or 4 that won't pull separately.

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