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"On Deck" Raid Standby list suggestions

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  • "On Deck" Raid Standby list suggestions

    To all concerned,
    I think that standby lists are absolutely needed to be able to fill class specific needs in our end game raids. Therefore I suggest that if you are on standby, for example our April 1st MC raid, that on our next MC raid you are allowed to go to the top of the list for the actual raid and not on standby. If there are more than two of the same class on standby then you go by the time/date they signed up for the raid. This will keep people interested in being online during our big raids and rewards them for their dedication to fulfilling our guilds needs. I feel that during this period of growth in our guild we need to offer some incentive to new members to stick it out til we can field a 40 man MC/AQ run. Please comment on this idea.

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    Re: "On Deck" Raid Standby list suggestions

    It's a great question, but one without simple answers.

    If you are on the standby list, it is appealing to have rotating priority so that you get to go on the next raid. It is "unfair" that the same early sign-ups get to go raid after raid.

    If you are one of the "faithful" who shows up for every raid and signs up early, then what is appealing is to reward that faithfulness. It is "unfair" to sideline the core of regular players who are the heart of every raid group.

    What is "fair" depends on what group you are on.

    FWIW, the officers are discussing this very topic...and the related ones...class balance, class limits, signup priorities, signup procedures, recruiting priorities, raid scheduling, etc. Our discussion is, well, lengthy but is part of the growing pains of a successful guild. We aren't trying to be secretive at all, but until we have consensus about how to address these very real questions, it would be premature to discuss specifics.

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