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  • Magisters to Sorcerers

    Mag Crown: +11 Stam +30 Int +5 Spir
    Sor Crown: +16 Stam +25 Int +14 Spir +11 Dam, +1% to Crit

    Mag Shoulders: +6 Stam +22 Int +6 Spir
    Sor Shoulders: +11 Stam +17 Int +7 Spir, +9 Dam

    Mag Robes: +9 Stam +31 Int +8 Spir
    Sor Robes: +14 Stam +25 Int +9 Spir, +16 Dam, -20 Enemy Resistance

    Mag Belt: +6 Stam +21 Int +6 Spir
    Sor Belt: +12 Stam +14 Int +7 Spir, +14 Dam

    Mag Wrist: +4 Stam +15 Int +5 Spir
    Sor Wrist: +8 Stam +12 Int +5 Spir, +8 Dam

    Mag Gloves: +9 Stam +14 Int +14 Spir
    Sor Gloves: +12 Stam +14 Int +10 Spir, +12 Dam, +1% to Hit

    Mag Legs: +12 Stam +20 Int +21 Spir
    Sor Legs: +17 Stam +22 Int +10 Spir, +16 Dam

    Mag Boots: +9 Stam +14 Int +14 Spir
    Sor Boots: +14 Stam +16 Int +10 Spir, +21 Dam

    New Set Bonuses:
    2: +200 Armor___________________2: +8 to ALL Resist.
    4:+23 Dam______________________4: Chance to freeze when hit
    6: Chance to freeze when hit_______6:+23 Dam
    8:+8 to ALL Resist._______________8: +200 Armor

    Armor: 491____________Armor: 528
    Int: 167______________Int: 145
    Stam: 66_____________Stam: 104
    Spir: 79______________Spir: 72
    Dam: 0_______________Dam: +107

    Those are the stats for both sets. At first I was pissed b/c they were removing so much intelect from us, however, now that I think about it. There is only a 22 Int Difference. Which = about 220 Mana and .22% to Crit. So I lose the ability to cast 1 Frostbolt, however I gain +130 Damage (with 6 pieces). So I DEFINETELY think that Sorcerers is better. It with its +38 Stam and Higher armor, we will be able to live longer. I kinda like that new Set Bonuses, I wish they hadn't taken out our Mana Regen and +10 Int, but the +8 to ALL Resistances and the Chance to Freeze are pretty cool.

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    Re: Magisters to Sorcerers

    I confess to not really knowing the magely way, but I'm curious if you've looked into what a "mixed" set of the better blue items along with selected set pieces gives you in comparison to the full Magisters or Socerers set, especially if you focus on one of your magic trees for +stats.

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      Re: Magisters to Sorcerers

      Not really, i've just looked up the Magisters -> Sorcerers set

      "REMEMBER! Pillage first THEN Burn!"


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        Re: Magisters to Sorcerers

        beep has a point, as far as dps is concerned a few +dmg greens have been putting me on the high end during TG raids, while the full dreadmist has left me hitting the enemy with shadowbolts about as strong as a wet noodle.

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          Re: Magisters to Sorcerers

          I don't know if it is the same for casters, but for Warriors and to a lesser degree Priests, it seems that you can "do better" than the Tier 0 sets putting together your own "best of the blues" pre-MC gear. With the new patch, it's entirely possible that the drop rates for all gear may be better as they change the instances to 5 or 10 man limits, so we have lots to investigate.

          Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. - (Isaac Asimov)


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            Re: Magisters to Sorcerers

            This definitely works for pallies, my mix of blue items gives me incredible +healing bonus in comparison to the older LF set.




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