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Darkmoon faire...Buffs

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  • Darkmoon faire...Buffs

    The faire is in Goldshire till Friday. The sage will give you a buff for answering questions. I think the following is correct.

    The first column is the answer choice to question 1
    the second column is the answer choice to question 2
    the third column is the resulting buff

    1 1 +10% Damage
    1 2 +10% to all resistances
    1 3 +10% armour
    2 1 +10% spirit
    2 2 +10% intellect
    2 3 +10% to all resistances
    3 1 +10% stamina
    3 2 +10% strength
    3 3 +10% agility
    4 1 +10% intellect
    4 2 +10% spirit
    4 3 +10% armour

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    Re: Darkmoon faire...Buffs

    sspeaking of that.. i am trying toe get [item]Amulet of the Darkmoon[/item] and i am short 300ish [item]Rugged Armor kit[/item] i am paying 80s-1g each.. plz helpz me =D
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      Re: Darkmoon faire...Buffs

      I am also trying to get [item]Amulet of the darkmoon[/item] for Gundola. I need 350 [item]glowing scorpid blood[/item]. I'll pay 50s per.


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        Re: Darkmoon faire...Buffs

        Oh Oh i want it send me stuff to.. chat and altor will each pay for what eveer you send me....

        ..... j/k

        I really need to figure out how best to hit this though
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          Re: Darkmoon faire...Buffs

          Im glad i found this post...just in time for the fair..
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            Re: Darkmoon faire...Buffs

            Your best bet is to farm [item]Vibrant Plume[/item] from the harpies in Thousand Needles. They drop pretty constantly and are one step below the [item]Glowing Scorpid Blood[/item] and [item]Evil Bat Eye[/item] turn ins.

            If you're a skinner then I suggest farming the bats in EPL. There's a slim chance to pick out an eye, and they'll probably skin into rugged leather which can then be turned into armor kits.

            Its also a dirty little secret that stacks of [item]Rugged Leather[/item] tend to sell for cheaper than the resulting [item]Rugged Armor Kit[/item] you can make out of them. I've seen Rugged Leather go for 80s a stack and Rugged kits go for 1g each. Since each kit takes 5 leather to make that a pretty good bargin.

            Even if you're buying the stacks for 1g50s each, that's 10s shaved off kits going for 80s each. With 480 kits needed to get 1200 tickets at 20 tickets per 8 kits, that can add up fast
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              Re: Darkmoon faire...Buffs

              You can also use [item]Dense grinding stone[/item] But good luck find stacks of dense stone for less then 3g while the faire is up. You need to buy this stuff 1 week after the faire leaves.




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