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  • Your best battle stories

    Hey everyone,
    Though I don't play WoW anymore(still twitching) I was curious what your best, or most memorable battles are. I need something to do with all my free time and this is the first step towards a small project I have in mind. I'm thinking small non-raid battle, 5 man or less.

    Lay it on ma!


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    Re: Your best battle stories

    I loved when we 4-manned JailBreak. I was up front as the tank, I believe you were the healer Shawn and tore though BRD like a hot knife through toast. (yes I know that is not the correct use of the phrase.)


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      Re: Your best battle stories

      4-manned Dire Maul (East? I think?)

      Sunderland- 'lock
      Golerth- priest

      We pwned so hard. Crowd control, Kossi tanking and off-healing, ... it was so bananas fun. Sweet heals, ... even when Sunder life-tapped (lol) Amazing teamwork. :)

      I also enjoyed 2-manning ZF with a level 44 rogue. That was a good time too :)


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        Re: Your best battle stories

        Yeah Kemo, that was pretty awsome actually...Me, you, Ricca, forget who the fourth was. First time I ever was with a druid tanking, and it rocked!


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          Re: Your best battle stories

          yeah addie....we 4 manned your water quest...I remember that.

          Banish + ensalve demon FTW

          Plus the sneaky sneaky way of getting there :)

          My most memorable moment has to be my warlock epic mount quest.
          Swarms of demons attacking the ritual objects while we fend them off and keep the ritual going. Banishing, enslaving, aoe' was utter chaos, but in the end we ripped a horse and a demon out of the portal, and beat them both into subservience :)

          Or the time luna was the last one standing at the bat lady, but I'm going to be biased and say that I was not so impressed after I heard she popped my SS and almost pulled a kossi by pulling that stunt :P

          -Hold onto the pin, throw the other part


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            Re: Your best battle stories

            Hahahahahah! I loved that 4 man DM run.......

            there is one that i remember liking better though:

            Sunderland - Lock
            Crimsonite - Mage
            Liseryoth - Priest
            Juc - Mage
            Kossi - Pally

            Lol..... check that group out.... because all i see is one person not wearing squishy cloth. Hahahaha.... so i got to tank a DM tribute run. Which actually left me thinking i was pretty badass for a few weeks afterward, lol. But really it was some excellent teamwork by an outstanding group.

  , and stop talking about my soulstone noobness..... im easily excitable is all.... and my finger slipped on the "pop soulstone like a nub" button. Really... anyone could have made the mistake! ;)


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              Re: Your best battle stories

              Favorite Battle Stories:

              A. Shooting a 100% Crit Pyroblast at the guy in SM Cath, without knowing it pulled the other 29 guys we hadn't killed yet lol.

              B. Getting MC in ZG and killing like 10 people

              C. Watching Beep sweat like a little girl at a wedding, when we were doing the TG tournament and I was on my rogue :row__523:

              D. Powerleveling Chirp, Ladytreehug, Tgphantom and the rest in WPL. Getting ~1000 EXP a pull (~2000 if they were rested) and Pulling about 1 time every 65 Seconds

              E. Sheeping Luna and Kossi in the Arena, I thought they were mounting, but they were actually Rezzing.

              "REMEMBER! Pillage first THEN Burn!"


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                Re: Your best battle stories

                Our first five man Emperor run, in the Lyceum.
                Me, Kossi, Liseryoth, Crebis, and Beep.
                Crebis: Alright, I'll send my pet in there, and when we find the flame bearer, I'll destealth my pet, and the flame bearer will chase him back to us. (Two seconds later) Um... he's bringing a few more than I planned...

                And, as the 80 some Dark Iron dwarves appeared out of the distance fog, nothing could be heard over comms but the giggling of our team, and horrible death crys of our toons.

                And, while Alava is the only one who can attest to this.
                Me, A level... 50 something Pally at the time,
                Ginoldor, A level 50 something pally at the time,
                A few blood of the Dragonshard people,
                and one, very, very angry mechanical yeti.
                I'll never forget the sound of Alava's voice as he cried out 'No No! Come back here!'

                I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.


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                  Re: Your best battle stories

                  I have had many fun and exciting runs with manny like his first trip to BRD the "mmmm free beer O crap guys manny did something bad" just as the whole bar aggros on us.

                  Best run ever was me priest, varju warrior, shrav rouge, and braydon pally 4 maning the baron we smoked that place in about an hour. hardest part was when varju was MC trying to hurt a warrior in full tire 2 armor takes along time no deaths the whole run.

                  Another time was when me and manny were runing around WPL and saw the named bat that flys around and manny goes we both 60 lets take him 2 hits in and we both think hmmm not the best idea ok run dear god run.

                  My first AV match me zeeg luna when proxy gets on TS and tells us he is on hellgas* lol everybody running to just gank the hell out of him. He puts up with 10 mins of it and leaves.
                  If I am sleepy and lazy at the same time does that make me sleazy


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                    Re: Your best battle stories

                    Oh god, Helle! That night in AV was amazing.

                    So there we were, 40 on 40 in Alterac Valley. We are pushing up to the Horde's two towers, just before their general. We're all chattering on about watching out for this one and that one, when over TS we here "HI LUNA!" Dear god, it was Proxy. He was playing Helghast, a horde warrior (I believe) and was battling us. From that point on, it was as if the guy had a big "kill me" sign stuck to his back. We repeatedly sought him out, and ganked the heck out of him, over and over. Then, we'd be sure to point out to him that it was one of US who delivered the fatal blow.... after blow.... after blow. His commentary was hysterical, and only led to energizing us moreso, to push even further. I believe we eventually won that AV.


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                      Re: Your best battle stories

                      yes luna that was the best AV match ever I had sooooo much fun
                      If I am sleepy and lazy at the same time does that make me sleazy


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                        Re: Your best battle stories

                        Haha that sounds awsome...I can totally envision the joy!


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                          Re: Your best battle stories

                          the best part was when i went charging to there last tower ignoring the 20 something horde in my way to run after Proxy and fireblast him for that final killing blow...ahhh...those where the days.
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