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  • The bank needs help

    Ok here it is!! We have a flood of patterns,recipes,plans,schematics,formulas and books that are sitting and taking up bank slots.. We need to pass them on so we can have room for more.. If you qualifly to recieve bank items and you need an item please request it..

    This is what we have:

    It may be hard to see it just mouse on it and it will tell you about each item


    [item]Recipe: elixir of the mongoose[/item]x2
    [item]Recipe: elixir of fortitude[/item]
    [item]Recipe: elixir of the sages[/item] x2
    [item]recipe: purification potion[/item]
    [item]recipe: gift of arthas[/item] x4
    [item]recipe: elixir of greater firepower[/item]


    [item]schematic: flawless arcanite rifle[/item]
    [item]schematic: thorium shells[/item]
    [item]schematic: thorium rifle[/item]
    [item]schematic: world enlarger[/item]


    [item]pattern: living leggings[/item] x2
    [item]pattern: Green dragonscale leggings[/item]
    [item]pattern: guardian cloak[/item]
    [item]pattern: volcanic leggings[/item] x2
    [item]pattern: volcanic breastplate[/item]
    [item]pattern: chimeric leggings[/item]
    [item]pattern: chimeric vest[/item]
    [item]pattern: chimeric boots[/item] x2
    [item]pattern: chimeric gloves[/item] x2
    [item]pattern: brightcloth robe[/item]
    [item]pattern: red mageweave vest[/item]
    [item]pattern: red mageweave headband[/item]
    [item]pattern: frostweave pants[/item]
    [item]pattern: big voodoo cloak[/item]
    [item]pattern: big voodoo pants[/item]
    [item]pattern: runic leather belt[/item]
    [item]pattern: runic leather pants[/item]
    [item]pattern: runic leather armor[/item]
    [item]pattern: runic leather gauntlets[/item]
    [item]pattern: felcloth shoulders[/item]
    [item]pattern: frostsaber leggings[/item]
    [item]pattern: stormshroud pants[/item]x2
    [item]pattern: tough scorpid leggings[/item]
    [item]pattern: tough scorpid gloves[/item]
    [item]pattern: wicked leather headband[/item]
    [item]pattern: wicked leather belt[/item]
    [item]pattern: heavy scorpid belt[/item]
    [item]pattern: heavy scorpid gauntlets[/item]
    [item]pattern: mooncloth bag[/item]


    [item]formula: enchant boots-greater agility[/item] x3
    [item]formula: enchant gloves-skinning[/item]
    [item]formula: enchant weapon-demonslaying[/item]
    [item]formula: enchant bracer- lesser deflection[/item]
    [item]formula: minor wizard oil[/item] x2
    [item]formula: minor mana oil[/item] x2


    [item]plans: dark iron pulverizer[/item] x3
    [item]plans: hammer of the titans[/item]
    [item]plans: mithril spurs[/item]
    [item]plans: radiant leggings[/item] x2
    [item]plans: radiant breastplate[/item]
    [item]plans: wildthorn mail[/item]
    [item]plans: thorium boots[/item]
    [item]plans: thorium leggings[/item] x2
    [item]plans: thorium bracers[/item]
    [item]plans: thorium armor[/item]
    [item]plans: shadow crescent axe[/item]
    [item]plans: dazzling mithril rapier[/item]
    [item]plans: corruption[/item] x3


    [item]book: gift of the wild[/item] x3
    [item]book: gift of the wild II[/item] x6
    [item]tome of arcane brilliance[/item]x2
    [item]Harnessing shadows[/item]
    [item]the light and how to swing it[/item]
    [item]codex: prayer of fortitude II[/item]

    Mail tgbankerone with all your request please
    Thank you
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    Re: The bank needs help

    If nobody requests the flawless arcanite rifle schem, sell it. You could get 30-35g for it.




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