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Feral Druid discussion :)

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  • Feral Druid discussion :)

    I figured I'd make a thread so everyone can state your opinions and suggestions about this.

    If you play a feral druid or even a restoration/balance druid, I'm sure you'd understand some of these things :D

    I know some of you might think, "well, why go through the trouble and just spec restoration?" I get asked this a lot, the reason why I stay feral is because I believe they can be a hybrid, they also can solo mobs very well even Level 62 (Elite) mobs, restoration's can too but it can take twice as longer to kill them, I made a druid in beginning of the game because I really liked how they sounded like (especially their shapeshifting abilities) then toward the endgame however, I realized endgame needs healers more often than DPS I don't blame anyone for that. I know the majority of people would like to DPS rather than heal :) I'd have to say I feel that way, If I was a priest well, I know they can heal pretty well doesn't matter what spec they're are so I would've been a healer then cause it's adjustable, for druids.. it's sort of not, for me anyways, I don't have good healing gear but doesn't mean I won't heal in raids when it's needed so this brings up another topic.

    The gear, I personally don't want restoration gear because I'll only use it when it's needed, restoration druids will wear it more often than me for sure, but my healing won't be the best, possibley if all druids have a certain restoration piece and no one needs it, I'll use it, but not sure how to work the system with this, so this is just my idea, open for views on this topic :)
    Most of the Feral Druid gear is in BWL and mostly AQ. (Genesis) for example good hybrid druid armor, I'm glad blizzard made something like this.

    I'm usually put in the group full of hunters/rogues because of my Leader of the Pack, most guilds do this if they have a feral druid so at least melee classes get the aura to make up some more DPS :)

    You can post if you have any concerns or suggestions, I'd like to benefit the guild if I know how to as a feral druid because I know not exactly all guilds allow them. but most of them do :)
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    Re: Feral Druid discussion :)

    i like being with feral druids (i crit alot as is, but with that buff... it is more than 50% i gotta say) as someone said... i forget who, but it was reffering to feral druids 'keep fightin' the good fight'
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      Re: Feral Druid discussion :)

      I totally understand how it goes. I was feral for the longest and just recently switched over to being resto. I am tempted to switch back and will some day.

      Specs are always a trade off on soloing, pvping, and raiding. I would disagree that most of the feral stuff comes out of AQ and BWL. A lot of it does. ZG has some great feral pieces. You will have to check out what I had. I was over 10K armor in bear, since that was my focus. I could DPS about 160 in cat consistently, and I could heal. Of course I carried around 3 sets of gear. Still do in fact.

      The difference I have seen in healing from switching to resto is that my mana last longer. I can't hold the aggro as well and I can't damage as well, but I can heal longer.

      My take on feral in the guild. Well, Since I am the class leader ( I can get overruled, but...) I think that we need one or two feral druids that raid with us. I also think that we need one or two balance druids. Not just for the buffs either. I also think that we need four to five resto druids in the guild.

      The thing with healing is that it is keeps the party alive. While a feral and balanced druid can heal, they can't heal over the extended fights, plus the spells we usually use, regrowth, rejuv. don't stack so if a resto druid has rejuv on a tank and you go to put it up, theirs is improved and you can't, the same goes with regrowth. They do get the intial heal from regrowth but not the heal over time so your mana is wasted on that portion of the heal.

      With AQ and other instances, I think Feral and Balanced Druids will be needed more. We will see what happens.

      If you have any questions let me know.




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