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  • Tank's Thanks

    Beep here...the oldest MT on record!

    I want to say "Thank you" to TG in general and specifically to Sunderland, Manetheren, Cerevox, Mirada, Ricca and Lunaar (our wannabe guildie:row__593:). We even got some help from the Velvet Blades for the last Fiery Core we needed!

    Thanks to the guild materials and the above players, Beep now has new [item]Dark Iron Leggings[/item], a +15 FR on his cloak (upgraded from +7), AND a new Arcanum enchant of +20FR on my [item]Dark Iron Helm[/item](from a Libram gift from Vinzalf).

    With all my FR gear on, I'm at 254 FR...although stamina and health take a hit at that level. Realistically, 240+/- without giving up too much health. We're nearing the end of this gearing up, thank goodness, with only the bracers and gauntlets left to craft...then we can start the same upgrading process for Phantom!:row__523: I still dream about getting [item]Breastplate of the Chromatic Flight[/item], but that seems pretty remote.

    Our guild goal is to have at least two warriors able to "take the heat"...and we're making progress.
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    Re: Tank's Thanks

    Awesome, I've been sending stacks of DI Ore to the bank to help out with this.


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      Re: Tank's Thanks

      huh? what? I did something?

      Honestly I dont know what I did that deserves thanks but you are welcome anyway! :)

      Did I do the enchant? I have spammed IF so much I cant remember lol.

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        Re: Tank's Thanks

        Gratz Beep! =) I think you can beat the stamina issue with a good flask!

        I was happy to help with the +15FR enchant (the bank supplied 1/2 the mats, so some thanks is due to contributors!), i'm sorry i didn't make it back to help you in to BRD, but it looks like you made it! (i had a RL issue pop up)

        One thing I would like to get a handle on, if possible, is what kinda of Hits you are taking per second... i.e. are you getting hit for >5000HP per hit at any point in time? (non-crit)

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          Re: Tank's Thanks

          Grats Beep...glad i could help you out and get some kick ass leggings
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