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  • Possible HERO info...

    This was copied from the tkasomething board

    Let me preface this by saying that I bring this information to you to digest with a grain of salt. The Blizzard boards have been going crazy with rumors of the long awaited Hero classes that are supposedly now slated for release along with the Burning Crusade expansion. What I'm posting here should not be taken as cold, hard fact. It could be a prank, timed perfectly with April 1st to see how many gullible people there are out there. However, I'd be remiss to the Hunter community if I didn't report it, and the reason I am posting it is that the original threads have been deleted which seems to be the MO for 'features' leaked too early. I got lucky and a friend of mine managed to grab a copy of one of the original threads before it was deleted. Again, THIS IS ONLY A RUMOR. The italicized portion that follows indicates the original thread content as it was given to me. If this ends up being a hoax, well, shame on me for falling for it!

    At any given level there is a certain amount of content; at level 60, the amount of content is very disproportionate with the available content for other levels. The reason is obvious: it is the current endgame, and players need something to enjoy. However, with the level cap raised players would be able to blow through and skip a lot of the content that has been developed over the past year, and allowing players to do so would be a poor use of the developers? time. This is where hero classes come in.

    You will be stuck at level 60, just like you are now, even when the expansion comes out. An epic quest (of REALLY epic proportions) for each hero class will be made available to level 60 players. The only way to break the level 60 barrier will be to go on one of these quests to become a hero class. The quest will require the player to do a lot of solo content as well as a variety of group and raid content. Upon completion of the quest, the player will become a level 61 hero class . They can then once again begin their normal level progression. A hero class is not innately more powerful than a normal class (but the level differentiation makes them more powerful of course). Hero classes will be available to everyone and although the hardcore players will naturally get their hero classes first, it is designed so that players of all play styles will be able to become a hero class in a reasonable amount of time. Blizzard?s implementation of hero classes will accomplish a lot of things. It will create a natural barrier at level 60 that will insure that the average player will experience more of the content Blizz has developed, it gives players a way of further differentiating themselves, and it adds a huge amount of new dynamics between different classes.

    Each race/class combination will have 2 hero classes available to them (with several overlapping). This presents a monumental balance job (there are about 50 hero classes), which is probably another reason why Blizzard is delaying the information release. Choosing your hero class will be irreversible, much like the tradeskill masteries. Some hero classes are an extension of the ?father? class, some have tweaked mechanics, while others are radically different. The easiest example I can think of is a Night Elf priest, for which the 2 hero classes are a Priest(ess) of the Moon (a continuation of the priest?s current form) and Demon Hunter (an agility-based combat hero with a variety of discipline-esque abilities). So without further ado, here is a brief overview of some of the hero classes:

    Night Elf Hunter
    Ranger: The Ranger is sort of a hunter/rogue mix. The Ranger will use the energy bar, will have a few stealthy abilities (but not of the same caliber as the rogue), and will no longer have a pet.
    Beastmaster: The Beastmaster focuses more on the beast aspect than the ranged aspect of the hunter. He gains new beast abilities, such as switching pets in battle, and is a bit meaner in melee combat in exchange for a lot of his ranged hitting power.

    Dwarf Hunter
    Mountaineer: The Mountaineer is similar to the ranger (no pet, energy bar), but without the stealth aspects. The Mountaineer is hardier in melee combat than the hunter and and also has more extensive tracking and detection abilities.
    Beastmaster: See above.

    Orc Hunter
    Outrider: The Outrider is very similar to the wolfrider from Warcraft III, focusing on swift maneuvers and incapacitating enemies. He uses the energy bar.
    Beastmaster: See above.

    Tauren Hunter
    Tracker: The Tracker uses the energy bar like the Mountaineer, but still retains the hunter pet, and as a result is not as tough as the Mountaineer.
    Beastmaster: See above.

    Troll Hunter
    Shadowhunter: This is essentially a hunter that drops some of it?s beast and survival abilities for some shadow spells (think Hex). The Shadowhunter still uses mana.
    Headhunter: The Headhunter still has the ranged emphasis of the hunter, but it focuses on throwing weapons (a massive revamp for throwing weapons is planned). The Headhunter uses energy, has more combat abilities, and drops the pet.

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    Re: Possible HERO info...

    Hunters losing their pets? seems kinda bogus.

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      Re: Possible HERO info...

      I like the shadow hunter idea...just wish Dwarfs could do it.


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        Re: Possible HERO info...

        I like the Beastmaster, I have always prefered Melee over ranged, I only use ranged now because my DPS is alot higher with it.

        I had always wondered what would happen to all the current end game content once the expansion was released, I was picturing lvl 70's soloing UBRS and Strat to get all the cool drops and flooding the market with them. I know ther will be new and better endgame but the old stuff would be ruined. this really sounds cool if it pans out.


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          Re: Possible HERO info...

          I chose Rogue as it initially reminded me most of the Demon Hunter. I never associated them as priests. The Heavy Damage high Agility melee class to me = Rogues. The magic is something else, something 'heroish' if you asked me.

          I won't believe anything till I hear it from Blizzard though.

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