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    Tactic #1

    Shazzrah's Abilities

    Deaden Magic: Protection spell that reduces magic damage dealt to Shazzrah. Can be dispelled / purged as it is a “magic” effect.

    Blink: At roughly 45 second intervals Shazzrah will blink in a random direction AND reset all agro to zero. When the blink positions Shazzrah in the middle of a group of soon to be dead/fleeing players you can expect to see the next ability...

    Large radius Instant Arcane Explosion: This will hurt. Arcane resistance helps (and Greater Arcane Resistance Pot’s), as does higher maximum hit points. This Arcane Explosion has an extended range of 20 yards.

    Shazzrah's Curse: Increases magic damage on players. This is a curse and can be dispelled by mages as per normal.

    Area Counterspell: Just like Counterspell, but more than one player will be affected by it.


    To begin this battle, have the party assemble in the room where you fought Garr. The party then needs to be split into 4 “sub groups” that are placed in every corner of the room (north, west, south, and east). The spacing of these groups is to minimize damage from the blink/arcane explosion combo that Shazzrah has. The main tank should be in the middle of these well spaced out groups.

    Second part of the fight is to pull Shazzrah into the room, best bet of course is to use a hunter for this. Attempting to tank Shazzrah right away will fail as he immediately will blink to one of the four groups.

    For the first (and other) times when Shazzrah blinks to a group, the person with agro needs to immediately run to the middle and allow the Main Tank to gain agro. Everyone else in the raid needs to stop attacking until the Main Tank has agro, and then the fight continues as per normal.

    A mage/druid needs to be nominated to decurse the Main Tank during the fight to minimize the damage he is being dealt. Make sure that only the Main Tank is being decursed as he is the only one who should be taking damage from the AE’s (aside from post blink situations). It is a good idea to have this as a druid who can heal themselves, or a mage that has a greater arcane resistance potion.

    Also a Mage needs to be chosen to keep up a “detect magic” spell on Shazzrah, so that you know when his anti magic self buff is active. This buff needs to be dispelled by a priest/shaman once it pops up so that magic DPS will work as normal.

    Since rogues and warriors are not going to be in melee range, they should be centering on ranged attacks as well as bandaging those in need. As another note, a paladin/shaman should be left far out of combat to do O.O.C. resurrections if needed; this will make the fight a lot easier.

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    Tactic # 2

    Arcane based Flamewaker that shares a spawn area with Baron Geddon.


    * Shazzrah attacks with a two handed spear.
    * Also frequently casts an Instant Arcane Explosion spell for 900-1800 damage with about a 20 yard radius. It is crucial that everyone in the raid except main tank (MT) remains outside the range of AE at all times. It is suggested that the raid forms a big circle around Shazzrah, with MT in the center.
    * Has an AOE curse (Shazzrah's Curse) with about a 35 yard radius that increases all magic damage by 100% for 5 minutes.
    * Has a self buff called Deaden Magic that decreases magic damage cast on him by 50%. This and the previous curse must be dispelled.
    * Has an AOE counterspell with about a 35 yard radius.
    * Approximately every 45 seconds Shazzrah will turn in a random direction and blink. The blink causes a memory wipe of the hate list. The first person attacked after blink must run towards the center.
    o If you disperse in to 4 groups of 10 people (positioned roughly N,S,E,W of the tanking position), with an offtank in each group, the offtank warrior can Taunt and run towards the Main Tank in the center. This will draw aggro away from the more fragile cloth wearers, allow the priest to avoid having to run anywhere (which means that he can start healing sooner), and allow the main tank to remain in the exact center of the raid, minimizing movement in the raid while hate is reestablished.
    o It's important for healers to not be too aggressive in healing after a blink, because of the memory wipe. Waiting until the main tank has re-established aggro is important to ensuring the Shazzrah does not walk from group to group using his curse and Arcane Explosion to eliminate the raid quickly.

    posted by WOWWiki @
    I was also thinking, maybe have a hunter or 2 near the main tank for when Shazz blinks. They can/will be firing and hopefully can gain aggro quickly before a group gets blasted. Once Shazz comes back to the center, stop feign and let the warr gain aggro back.



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