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  • Good tactic for Tiger Boss

    Tactic #1

    When I was young I would watch Tony the Tiger spout out his famous saying; “They’re GRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAAAAAAAAAT”. I never imagined that I be kicking his ass in a video game years later.

    High Priest Thekal can be one of the harder aspects to deal with. I will try to break down how we do it as best as I can but keep in mind that this is just how we do it. It is by no means the only way to take down this boss.

    This fight really consist of two different phases which we will call “phase 1” and “phase 2”…naturally. Also for simplicities sake we will refer to Thekal as Tony from now on.

    Phase 1

    You need to setup some what like this picture shows. You will need 3 Tanks. The tank on the left will take the least amount of dmg, the one on the right will take a bit more, and the one on the boss in the center will take the most. Make sure you set your tanks up to reflect this.

    Tony has 4 ads that come with the pull, two zealots and 2 non elite tigers. I have created a diagram that shows how we work the pull.

    At first glance this diagram might look pretty confusing but in reality it’s a pretty simple pull. The main tank pulls Tony strait back. The tank on the left will cross pull the healer to him. This probably should be the least geared of your tanks because like I say the healer doesn’t do that much dmg. The tank on the right will cross pull the Rogue Zealot Zath to him. Two others (hunter, rogue, or warrior) will pull the tiger adds to their respected sides (read: no cross pull for the tigers). I will explain why we cross pull the Zealots in a bit.

    Tony and his ads have an annoying ability that allows them to heal each other when they are close. So after the pull you need to spread out into this formation.

    As the tanks are moving their ad into position each side need to DPS down the non elite tigers. This shouldn’t take any more then 10 sec. Once that is complete it is ok move on to your ad. The other thing about this phase is that if you don’t kill each of the 3 guys within 10 secs of each other they will self rez and basically wipe you. They work just like the core hound packs in MC.

    Once spread apart the Zealots can’t heal each other although the one on the left can heal herself if she is not interrupted. Usually a rogue and the tank are enough to keep her interrupted. She places her hands in the air when she is healing watch for it.

    The rogue Zealot’s ability is to gouge his tank and then run off and find something else to kill while the tank is stunned. As soon as the gouge runs out agro is restored and Zath will run right back to the tank. Some people put two Warriors on him who just trade off the agro but we just have the tank call it out when he his gouged and who ever gets agro runs to the tank. Gouge doesn’t last that long so if Zath is right beside the tank when agro is restored then doesn’t seem to be much of a problem.

    Tony himself in this form is basically just a warrior…who hits like a truck. MT should just tanks as normal and just have his healers watch his health. He has a mortal strike that is pretty wicked so if the MT is below 45% health there is a chance he can be one shot-ed. During this phase you need to have some people draining Tony’s mana. Just have one hunter sting him, and any warlocks drain him. This will be important during phase 2.

    So the goal here is to apply steady DPS to all three mobs and bring their life down at the same pace. Once they get all within 15% you can bring them together and AOE them down. During this phase I am generally very vocal with my three tanks. I make them call out every 10% drop so that I know where each one of the ads stands. I also will assign like 2 rogues and a hunter to be floating DPS. That allows me to float more DPS to a target that is not going down fast enough. More often then not the healer on the left will go down a lot faster then the other two so DPS will have to lie off of her and focus more on Tony and the rogue. One thing to remember is that the interrupting Rogue and Tank should always stay with the healer regardless of her life. If they fail to interrupt more then 2 heals it can really hurt you chances of survival. When they are ready to be AOE’d down you need to bring them to this spot.

    The reason that we crossed pulled is because we have found that moving the healer at 15% was dangerous in that a lot of times the warrior or rogue would miss an interrupt. So we just placed her basically in the AOE spot and it seemed to work pretty well.

    Phase 2

    As soon as all three of the guys are dead you need to move into phase 2 positions as shown in the diagram.

    The MT should be right beside the body of Tony with his back facing the wall where the rest of the raid should be. Tony will transform into the Tiger rather quickly so you need to move ASAP.

    Tony in tiger form has a couple of different tactics.

    AOE Knock back – About every 20 sec Tony will stomp and do a AOE knock back that will send you flying strait back if you near him when it goes off.

    Tiger Summon- If Tony has over 150 mana he can summon two elite tigers to help him in battle. There is no limit to how many of these he can spawn so keep his mana drained

    The Fight

    Your MT should have agro as soon as phase two starts up. Tony will transform and will probably do his AOE toss right off the bat. This is the reason you want the MT to fly back into the raid. While at first it looks like a bad idea if you are too spread out the knockback will knock both your healers and you MT out of range of each other making it very hard for the healers to kept the MT up and alive. When Tony does his AOE he drops everyone that was affected by it down the agro list. The rule of thumb we have here is once the MT is knocked back if you have aggro run back to the tanking spot (AOE spot from before) So that the MT knows where to look to find the mob.The MT should also ALWAYS have his back pointed towards the wall so he will always be in healing range. After the first AOE toss all melee DPS can move in to kill once the MT has agro again but they also need to try there best to keep there backs towards that wall. If Tony has the mana he will summon 2 elite Tigers. The way we deal with these during the fight is that once the MT is knocked all dps focus on taking out Tigers while we wait for the MT to regain aggro. Once he does we then slide the DPS back on to Tony. You can also sheep and fear tigers if they are bugging the healers. Hunters remember you scare beast on this fight it really can help out!

    Tony in of his self isn’t that hard and in fact is sort of squishy. The only problem is keeping steady DPS on him. As long as you keep his mana drain and try to keep him on the tank as much as possible you should win this fight. Good Luck!

    posted by Scarf @ WOWTACTICS.NET

    Go to this site and look at the pics. I really like this better to be in the open space rather then near his cage. When we are near the cage, short casters find it hard to see everything and therefore, can't crowd control the tiger spawns. If one hunter does nothing but mana drain every 5 seconds, he shouldn't be able to call any tigers at all.

    Also, I am posting this on this forum for two reason, one, not many people go to the other forum to post often. Second, this is just a discussion that can be moved to the other forum at anytime.

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    Re: Good tactic for Tiger Boss

    Believe it or not...this is the exact strat that I read when before I lead us on this. I mixed it with Alava's PUG run and we haver ours...I like reading stuiff like this when I can find it.


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      Re: Good tactic for Tiger Boss

      I do to, it's much easier to read some tactics before you enter the fight. there is only so much that you can understand someone explaining what to do before a fight.


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        Re: Good tactic for Tiger Boss

        Good find
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