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I just have to say thanks

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  • I just have to say thanks

    Guys & Girls,

    We have struggled through a lot. We still have a lot to struggle through, but I wanted just to post and say thanks. Thanks for being a great group of people. Thanks for contributing to the guild and to the community.

    There isn't many places like TG. Where else can we have a discussion about benefits to SMs and not have it get emotional. Thank you for your input.

    Where else can we gear up for endgame and have fun doing it, Thank you

    Thank you for all those who have helped me in and out of game.

    Thank you for not getting mad at me since I don't play everyday.

    Thank you for caring about what happens in my life. Thank you for asking how my little baby, Lily is doing.

    Thank you for being the best guild and community on the internet. Thank you Apo and Luna for doing all that you do to keep this place up and running. Thank you Cing for dropping in on occasion and keeping us in line, even if we do flame you back out of our forums :P.

    Thank you all the other people you check on the WoW community. I know I don'e play many other games. I don't have time. Someday, maybe when I get laid off or fired.

    Thank you all for being you. This is a great group of gamers, Greater still because we care about each other and we help each other. Tactical Gamer is the place for me while I game. I treasure all the friendships made here. I am grateful for all those I call friends.

    Thanks again and remember to have fun, these are just games after all.

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    Re: I just have to say thanks

    I'm with Kemo on this. Thank you so much to everyone for being so wonderful. Even though I am not a part of the guild, I still very much love the community and the people here. Thank you so much for letting me take part in this community even when I'm not actually in the guild. I will always have a place for you all in my heart. <3<3<3

    Much love TG.

    btw Kemo, I hope Lily is doing wonderfully. :)


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      Re: I just have to say thanks

      Ahh this just gives you the warm and Fuzzies doesn't it. But I agree we are very fortunate to have a home like TG :)


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        Re: I just have to say thanks

        just think what your gaming world would be like without TG..... ya.. what gaming world?? bad alternate reality ehh?
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          Re: I just have to say thanks

          Hey, I don't want to spend 30 hours a week of MY free time with a bunch of ninnies! That's why I'm here and not elsewhere.

          Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. - (Isaac Asimov)


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            Re: I just have to say thanks

            Damn Straight!!

            This is a great game we all play, and it is twice as good playing with you all, its nice to be able to relaxe and have a good time with you all, but at the same time you all let us vent when we are having bad times and never complain.

            Luna and Apo sure do alot of work behind the sense I am sure, and I for one thank you for it. Everyone else such as Crebis and the rest of the officers are doing a wonderful job keeping the guild runnning as good as it does. Everyone else is just awsome as well!

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