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Possible solution to the helping others quandary

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  • Possible solution to the helping others quandary

    Maybe we need to make a saturday/sunday morning the help people get stuff done. Those days/times usually don't interfere with work or large raids (Church, yes ;)) I would be willing to wake up a bit earlier to help someone at this time.

    It would be up to the people NEEDING things done to post what they need and schedule it. And anytime 2 of these things could overlap, then they should help each other (ie.. MC Attunement and visiting Windsor/jailbreak).

    If every 60 in the guild, would give 1 morning a month (either day) I think we would have more then enough to help people complete what they need.

    What do you all think?

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    Re: Possible solution to the helping others quandary


    I think it's a good idea, and I'm new to TGWOW.


    Yer Mom /O>

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      Re: Possible solution to the helping others quandary

      Send me a tell. I am generally LFG for the 45 min Baron nowdays, but I suppose I'll eventually get bored with that and be willing for just about anything.

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