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  • Warlock Dreadstead!!

    EVENT: Saturday May 13th 2pm server time

    It has come to my attention that there are several locks in the guild that need their Dreadsteads. I am more than happy to help with this quest. Since I have already purchased the last three items that are needed for this quest.. you will not have to. (250g worth)

    I will be gone for about a week, which should give a few of the locks plenty of time to put the finishing touches on the pre-requisites. So will set this up for Saturday May 13th. We will need the following.

    1 Warrior
    1 Priest (Beepster)
    2 Warlocks (Myself and Jandreyn)
    1 <insert class here> (Cerevox)

    Please reply to this thread for those that need this quest.
    Please reply to this thread if your willing to help (Warrior, Priest, Other)
    If more than two locks need this.. I will be happy to setup another run :-D

    This is one of the most fun quests that I have seen in this game and after 3 level 60s .. I have seen a few. The final boss drops some good loot too.. so those that help.. you might recieve a nice item or two.

    I have attached the details of this quest below.

    Good luck and see you in about a week.

    Quest Basics:
    Version : Alliance and Horde.
    Starts with : Currently your Warlock trainers in any major city.
    Ends with : A Dreadsteed Spirit.
    Can start at : Level 60
    Best at : Level 60

    To complete this quest you will require certain components:

    25 Dark Iron Ore : If you are a miner, or have a friend who is, you can get this in Blackrock Depths or Molten Core. It is also frequently up in the Auction House, however, as prices vary between servers, I will leave prices unlisted.

    35 Black Dragonscale's : These are skinned from Dragons in Upper Blackrock Spire. If you know a skinner, time to suck up or use the Auction house. Again, as prices vary between servers, none are listed here.

    10 Elixir's of Shadow Power : Made by an Alchemist, they require 3 Ghost Mushrooms to make. As most Alchemist take up Herbalism to match, you could try asking any fellow Alchemists you know, or check the Auction House.

    6 Large Brilliant Shard's : These can only be obtained from disenchanting items, so you need to locate an Enchanter or try the Auction House. If you do know an enchanter, the Shards can be obtained from any blue item level 51 or over, so you could always help out by sending some their way.

    3 Arcanite Bar's : Arcane Crystals are a rare find out of Rich Thorium Veins which you will need a miner for. Coupled with a thorium bar, an Alchemist can turn one into an Arcanite Bar. That transmute spell is on a 2 day cooldown, so expect to pay for that too.

    The other items you will need come from Vendor's and you come across them as you do the quest. You can't buy from some of them until you complete actual quests (other than collect X items), so just make sure you have the 406 gold for the NPC items when you decide to start the quest.

    Gorzeeki Wildeyes can be found at the Alter of Storms in Burning Steppes and will sell you :

    Shadowy Potion for 6 gold.

    J'eevee's Jar for 150 gold. (I have this and you dont need it)

    Black Lodestone for 50 gold. (You dont need this but will help so I wont be as busy with repairing the circle)

    Xorothian Glyphs for 50 gold. (I have this and you dont need it)

    Ur'dan is beside Lord Banehollow in the very back of the Shadow Hold and will sell you Xorothian Dust for 150 gold.

    On the 4/23/2005, Fangtooth made the following post in the Warlocks section in regards to the components used and the ability to reuse them. (link has since expired ><)
    The reagents required to open the portal are not consumed when you use them, that is correct. It was done this way so that Warlocks who have the reagents will be able to open the portal for themselves or others at a later time. The trade off for this is that any Warlock who does not have the reagents will not be able to create their own portals and they will be at the mercy of others.

    You receive the quest at 60 from your local demon trainer in any of the major cities. (Ironforge, Stormwind, Ogrimmar or The Undercity)

    Now that you have the quest it's time to start your journey to Altar of Storms in Burning Steppes. There is an Altar of Storms in the Blasted land, that is not the Altar of Storms you seek. Hopefully, by Level 60, you have been to Burning Steppes, if not, the Altar is in the far top right hand side (map). If you are entering this zone by way of Lake Shire/Red Ridge Mountains, simply follow the road.

    There you will find two quest givers. A human named Mor’Zul Bloodbringer and a goblin named Gorzeeki Wildeyes. You will need to do all of these quests, and they can be done in either order, but we will follow the Mor’Zul Bloodbringer’s line of quests first.

    The first thing that Mor’Zul Bloodbringer wants to you do it go get some “Raging” OwlBeast blood. This blood is used as the ink in the summoning parchment that you are creating. To find the OwlBeasts, you must travel to Winterspring. However, Unlike the quest text may seem to suggest, you can kill any type of owlbear in winterspring, they can all drop the blood.

    Some Warlocks say the drop rate is around 20 - 25%, other's claim as high as 30 - 40%. If you play on a PvP server, be on guard as you will have both Horde and Alliance in the same area after the same items. You will find the highest concentrations of Owlbeasts at the blue-marked locations in this image. You can also find some wandering owls in the west of the zone, to the north and south of the road. They are all easily solo'd, but bringing a friend or two to help you will speed things up.

    Once you have acquired 30 blood, you return Mor’Zul Bloodbringer. He apparently bottles up the blood recyclable containers and has you give them to goblin Gorzeeki Wildeyes. This goblin stands about five feet away from Mor’Zul Bloodbringer. When you turn in the owlbear blood, (and give it to the goblin, then speak to Mor'Zul again) you are also presented with three follow up quests :

    1. Doomsday Candle : Collect 6 large brilliant shards and 25 dark iron ore.

    2. Bell of Dethmoora : Collect 10 elixirs of shadow power.

    3. Wheel of the Black March : Collect 35 black dragonscales.

    This brings you to the quests that goblin Gorzeeki Wildeyes wants you to complete. Gorzeeki wants you to talk to Lord Banehollow in Fellwood. Lord Banehollow is found in the very back of the Shadow Hold. Getting to him is very easy thanks to the Shadowy Potions Gorzeeki Wildeyes sells. These potions make you friendly to the Jadenar inhabitants and lasts 20 minutes, more than enough time to get all the way back to this him. Note: This potion does not change your faction with the 5/6 slimes that you find in the Shadow Hold. You have to kill them or with some creative jumping and walking, you can bypass them.

    After speaking to him, both he, the orc in the room with him, and the guards outside will forget about your shadowy potion effect and turn hostile.
    Note: Only these four mobs turn hostile, the rest of the demons in Jaedenar remain friendly while you're under the effect of the potion.

    Ulathek is a level non-elite 58.

    Upon returning, Lord Banehollow becomes a “marginally” happy camper as be begins to snack on Ulathek’s heart. Lord Banehallow pushes you to speak to his servant named Ur’dan who is about five feet away from Banehallow, he will sell you Xorothian dust for the price of 150 gold each. Afterwards, you need to go back to Burning Steppes to Gorzeeki Wildeyes and hand it in.

    Once the you hand in these items to Gorzeeki Wildeyes, along with the Brilliant Shards, Dark Iron Ore and other components, the little goblin tells you that you also need 3 Arcanite Bars ( Alchemy ) in order to fashion a Black Load Stone. Gorzeeki Wildeyes your Xorothian dust, he is thrilled at getting these items, however, he tells you that he lacks the needed facilities to infuse the dust onto paper.

    For this, you are given the “Imp Delivery” quest. At this time, you are to travel deep into Scholomance to Ras Frostwhisper’s laboratory. As of patch 1.8, you can no longer complete this step in a raid, you must enter as a 5 man group, see this thread for more information.

    The lab is located in Ras Frostwhisper's room and as you enter his room, its immediately to your right. You can recognize it by the two large kettles hanging from the ceiling. The good news that you do not have the clear the entire room. There are 2 Risen Construct guards and 4 patrols that you have to pull. Once you kill them, you will need to pull the table which consists of a Specter Teacher and two acolytes. The imp just goes about his business and does not aggro the other NPCs. He jumpes around a little, and thats that. No enemies spawn, nothing dangerous happens.

    After you complete the "Imp Delivery Quest," you once again return to the Altar in Burning Steppes where Mor’Zul Bloodbringer will give you a 7 page book to read. It details the steps that you need to take to summon the DreadSteed.

    This book also informs you that you have to purchase 3 additional items from Gorzeeki Wildeyes.

    ( I have these items.. as mentioned before. You dont need to purchase these)

    These items are the J'eevee's Jar for 150 gold, Black Lodestone for 50 gold and Xorothian Glyphs for 50 gold. One of the items starts the quest, one of the items is used during the initial part of the Dire Maul event and one is used to summon the Dreadsteed.

    Before you can initiate the event, you will have to do a regular clearing of the Dire Maul west wing. If, by some strange twist of fate your entire group hasn't done this before, heres a short walkthrough:

    Dire Maul is located in Feralas, and you need to enter the instance through a door in the west of the Dire Maul area. To do that, you can obtain a Crescent Key by doing the imp event in the eastern instance, or use a rogue or seaforium charge to pass through the door in the west instance. You can also die on one side of the door, run back and resurrect on the other side, then open the door for the rest of the group using the torch.

    Inside the instance, you will find Pylons surrounded by elementals. there are 5 pylons in total, and all elementals around them must die to open up Immol'Thar's prison at the end of the zone. One pylon is near the entry, cant miss it.

    Two pylons are upstairs. Cast detect invisibility on your party, as theres some invisible undead roaming around these areas.

    The last two pylons are downstairs. Past a big named tree, through a tunnel. As you clear the last pylon, the large blue shield around the big circular area in the center will fade, and you can enter it to fight Immol'Thar.

    Once Immol'Thar is dead, you can initiate your quest event. Make sure everyone is ready for a hectic 10 minutes.

    When you release the imp from the jar, he will place three artifacts around the circle.
    The three artifacts provide you with powerful boosts. Every so often, one of them will fail. They make a sound and begin to float a little lower then they were before. It is critical that you run up to them and click the black lodestone the moment this happens. Using the lodestone costs a shard, so bring plenty. I used about 10 when doing this.

    With all the artifacts in place, the event starts. Imps begin to spawn and charge your group. The most essential thing here is to keep checking the artifacts to see if any are powered down, its easy to miss it. The imps themselves are nothing to be worried about, the doomsday candle will deal enough damage to them to take them down for you.

    After a few imp waves, a Dread Guard will spawn. They can be enslaved and banished. The imps keep on spawning, and the dreadlords slowly keep adding as well. If you can survive this for about 6 minutes, you will win. Even if your group dies toward the end of the event, the demons will go away after a while leaving you to resurrect and get ready to summon the Dreadsteed.

    You can now summon the Dreadsteed. It's a typical bossfight, and not very hard. After a time of fighting it, its master spawns as well, a Dreadlord. He's not very hard, and you can carry on fighting the Dreadsteed, killing the master afterwards.

    The dreadlord can drop some ok loot too, so the effort was not completely rewardless for the people helping you. Beside that, this event is actually one of the most fun events I've done in WoW so far, so they might actually enjoy it.

    When the Dreadsteed is dead, you can talk to its spirit, and will receive what you've been working for, the summon Dreadsteed spell! Enjoy the speedy travels :)

    Credit :

    Quest information compiled by Akasha

    Information from guides written by Bluefawkes and Derugash. Information also gathered from the members of The Warlocks den. Images provided by Bluefawkes and Derugash. Last Updated Wednesday October 26, 2005
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    Re: Warlock Dreadstead!!

    "Black Lodestone for 50 gold. (You dont need this but will help so I wont be as busy with repairing the circle)"

    One of the warlocks needs this otherwise you cannot summon the Dreadsteed spirit.


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      Re: Warlock Dreadstead!!

      I already have ALL of the materials.

      J'eevee's Jar for 150 gold.
      Black Lodestone for 50 gold.
      Xorothian Glyphs for 50 gold.

      The other locks do not need to buy any of these items.. but if they purchase the Black Lodestone.. then they should be able to help with repairing the circle... I have never had another lock help.. but I imagine they should be able to.


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        Re: Warlock Dreadstead!!

        I will help. I'd prefer to bring Beepster (priest) but can bring Beep (warrior) if needed. Beepster still wants his [item]Padre's Trousers[/item] from the Hunter guy on the second story of DM west.

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          Re: Warlock Dreadstead!!

          So count me in! I did purchase the lodestone so there will be 2 locks repairing the circle.

          Level 80 Warrior
          Level 74 Priest


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            Re: Warlock Dreadstead!!

            I am so in on this. Ash, your awesome.
            frowning takes 47 muscles, and smiling only take 17, but sitting there with a zombie like stare on your face takes 0, we have a winner.

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              Re: Warlock Dreadstead!!

              I could pally tank! :D

              I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.


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                Re: Warlock Dreadstead!!

                hehe.. Thanks Mane but if that Demon, Immol'Thar breaks loose of you.. then he would be having cloth shish kabobs :-D


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                  Re: Warlock Dreadstead!!

                  Contact me if you need some black dragonscales. I have a few hundred in my bank.


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                    Re: Warlock Dreadstead!!

                    i can kite tank him =D
                    who knew a kite could tank..... who knew a tank could kite =D
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                    . . . .


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                      Re: Warlock Dreadstead!!

                      hehe Kite :-)

                      We may need Chirp as a last resort.. and then have beep come in with his tank.. but I would make that last resort since Beep really wants his priest to stroll through there and kill Illyana.

                      I am sure we will be able to find a tank somewhere :-)


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                        Re: Warlock Dreadstead!!

                        ya i kin bring chirpy
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                          Re: Warlock Dreadstead!!

                          My warlock on Bleeding Hollow just hit 40 (so I got my first pony!) and I was kinda feeling depressed from the long grind to get there, but this gives me reason to keep pushing to 60. (I even spent Sunday morning going back to BF2 after the burnout.) I love complex chains like this.

                          What is "the warlocks den"?
                          Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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                            Re: Warlock Dreadstead!!

                            The Warlocks den is a great site for warlocks..



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                              Re: Warlock Dreadstead!!

                              Its a place where all us nerds go to calculate exactly how many points of +dmg one point of +% crit is worth(I think it came out to be +11.2 dmg = +1% cirt).
                              frowning takes 47 muscles, and smiling only take 17, but sitting there with a zombie like stare on your face takes 0, we have a winner.

                              The fights are so bitter because the stakes are so small. -watch words of academia




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