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Open Raids Set Up for BRD/UBRS.

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  • Open Raids Set Up for BRD/UBRS.

    Due to the people in the guild needing some BRD runs and UBRS runs, we as a guild need to set aside a little time to try to assist to get them their MC/Ony attunements.

    We will be having Open Raids. These are raids that are open to all. This includes non-guildies. The night of the runs we will be forming as many runs into these instances as possible. Try to clear you schedules of in-game needs and be available at the drop of a hat to assist any when called upon. It is not required, but greatly appreciated.

    I would also ask that people be willing to swap groups and mix and mingle with people you don't know. Teamspeak is almost required. Exceptions will be made to those we have run with before that we know can hold their own when things get rough.

    No wipes people....Let's get this done.

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    Re: Open Raids Set Up for BRD/UBRS.

    this is a fantastic idea!

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