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Glaistig put up a good Hakkar strat!

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  • Glaistig put up a good Hakkar strat!

    I couldn't find anything when I searched for hakkar strategies. I thought I would post how my guild on another server kills hakkar.

    Once we reach the platform ranged DPS spreads out on the platform, the MT and OT charge in and we wait till hakkar is at 98% to start DPS. All warriors burn their intimidate shout immediately and any time that it comes up they burn it. The MT tanks hakkar standing on the ramp facing the healers. This will keep the healers out of the arcane damage AOE hakkar has but still keep them in range to heal.

    The warriors will be mindcontrolled, we usually have them call out, "sheep so and so" and debuff "so and so" once they are no longer MC'd.

    While all this is going on a hunter will call out what side he will be pulling a son of hakkar from the walk way below. you can pull them from on top of the platform, once he comes up to the top of the platform where the healers are a druid sleeps the son till about 15 seconds till Hakkars life drain. We kill the son and this releases a poison cloud, everyone in the raid except MT gets poisoned. When the life drain starts hakkar will get poisoned instead of gain life. You can tell if someone missed the poison cause the little life-tap effect from hakkar will be red to that person instead of blue-green. I think the main reason we try to kill the son near the healers is so they dont have to be running around losing healing range on the tank to get poisoned. A couple of times the hunters die and a mage will take over pulling the sons.

    You have to finish the fight in 10 minutes or you can't kill him. If you can tell the fight is going badly you can reset the boss by just running down the ramp. Once people get the rythm of getting poisoned down and the healers don't take any AoE damage its a pretty straight forward fight. Just need a good MT and OT for when one or the other gets Mind Controlled(which happens a lot)

    Also once you turn in the heart of hakkar you get a great 2 hour buff that you keep even if you die, so run to the BGs after you get it.

    In my opinion Thekal is a harder fight than Hakkar. Also my guild on the other server doesn't allow Pallies, so I dont know what kind of debuffs they have that might need to be burned like the intimidate shout.

    Anyways, hope this is helpful.

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    Re: Glaistig put up a good Hakkar strat!

    How long does the poison cloud last and how long does the actual poison last?


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      Re: Glaistig put up a good Hakkar strat!

      If you guys are interested in Hakkar strategies or any other boss strategy, you can go to our website and watch actual recordings of our boss fights including Hakkar. This will show you exactly what we do and all the voice on TS to go with it. (i cant make links not enough posts if someone else can)(Edited by Orion...did it for ya)

      and if that link doesnt work just go to our site and look for the heading Guild Videos.

      Im sure these videos will be way more helpful than reading strategies...

      Please check it out.

      Kalost - Alleria US
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        Re: Glaistig put up a good Hakkar strat!

        Gas about 60 seconds. There is a nice mod that will tell you when Hakkar is going to life drain. It will tell you when you have 40 seconds, this is the recommended time for you to kill the son and everyone but the MT and OT to get in the poison cloud. Then it will tell you again when you have 15 secs to lifedrain. This fight is super easy as long as you make sure that everyone gets in the gas. Other than that, I recommend taking 3 priest and a druid or 4 priest for this fight. 2 mages minimum and as much DPS as you can bundle. Once you down him you will realize that Hakkar is nothing compared to Jindo.


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          Re: Glaistig put up a good Hakkar strat!

          CT Raid has an announcer for the life drain. It will tell you when you have 45 seconds left, at that time you should pull a son up and dps it down and get everyone poisoned. For the first son though you will have to time it yourself cause CT raid won't until the second lifedrain.
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