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Questions on assorted topics from a weary mind.

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  • Questions on assorted topics from a weary mind.

    Ugh...I hate working in hospitals. The hours suck and the patients always whine with the belief that they're the most important people in the world. Barring that, my day is just spiffy. Its a little past 1:30 in the morning in Cali and I just thought about tossing a few random questions concerning stuff to the boards before crashing.

    1) Will we ever attempt to down Bloodlord Mandokir and Jin'do the Hexxer in addition to Hakkar and the priest(esse)s in ZG?

    2) Will we ever start consistantly raiding AQ20 for the skill books and loot that drop from the bosses?

    3) Should I go elemental or dragonscale leather working?

    Pro for Elemental - Good resist and rogue/druid gear which could fetch decent prices if sold
    Con for Elemental - Leather gear that I wouldn't use
    Pro for Dragonscale - Pretty mail armor sets
    Con for Dragonscale - The stats suck for a hunter and aren't worth getting even for the pathetic few points of resist they give you. Since tailored to shamans they would sell poorly on alliance side

    Not even considering Tribal because other than Devilsaur (which is outmatched now by stormshroud) and Hide of the Wild (need tribute runs to get) there aren't many good patterns in it.

    4) Should we start awarding the MC profession drops in a 'guild first' system? Checking first if the dominant guild (TG or VB) has anyone who needs it and then the secondary guild before passing out to pick ups. Why? They are BoP and the goods made with those recipes could help outfit the guild or acquire funds.

    5) On a scale of 1-10 how helpful is my chatter on guild or raid chat? 1 being "STFU n00b!" and 10 being "Very helpful".
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    Re: Questions on assorted topics from a weary mind.

    We have done the bloodlord many times, and he is on farm status. In trying to get Hakkar down, we have to take out the priests that give him powers. Since we only have 3 days to do that, we have to concentrate on those priests for now to give us time to kill Hakkar and get that strat. As we get more efficient in killing the priests, we will have more time to hit the non-essential priests.

    There are many guilds who can kill every boss in MC, including the extras at the edge of madness and the fish, in 4 hours. I think we start our raids way too late to accomplish this in 1 night, but I think we can get them all down in 2 nights as soon as we fine toon our panther and tiger strats, and beat hakkar a couple times.

    We will get them all in 1 run, just have patience with us :)
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      Re: Questions on assorted topics from a weary mind.

      What Anah said. We can point and laugh at the bloodlord some other night. Jindo... heh. well, he's tough, but we'll get him someday.

      AQ20... We've made some steady progress on the first boss... as in, we can get him down. but then that second uber boss smokes us. I think we need a bit more practice before we'll really be able to get that Mofo down.

      Proffession drops will definately be going to guildies first. (or, at the very least guildies and VB's.)

      I like you're raid/guild chat. you're amusing. keep up the good work.

      I think that answers everything cept your leatherworking questions... and i can't answer them, because i have no idea. Don't gimp any money making things you got going on... unless we actually need you to.. which hopefully we don't.

      I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.


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        Re: Questions on assorted topics from a weary mind.

        like said above... bloodlord is on farm status.. jindo is HARD and we havent made any attempts lately.. with our skill in downing all the priests we are mind-set on killing hakkar right now.. once we have his heart in our hand.. we can go back to killing the bloodlord...

        AQ20- i dont mind going to aq 20, but we really need to work on getting the second boss down.. otherwise we are there for 30 min and thats it =(
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          Re: Questions on assorted topics from a weary mind.

          IMO, as we "complete" ZG's conversion to farm status (meaning 2 day clear of hakkar then some "fun") AND as we continue our march through MC, our collective gear gets significantly better...making it easier to do these instances AND to do AQ20.

          Taking care of the guild professions should be a normal by-product of moving to guild-only runs (with a few added guests as needed). One step in this direction is that our next MC runs will be 25 allocated TG slots, up from 20. I anticipate 25-->30-->35-->40. We want to be prudent about stepping this up since an understaffed 40 man is not so good...and we want to be inclusive with our running buddies at VB.

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            Re: Questions on assorted topics from a weary mind.

            As for your leatherworking, Guildwise we all ready have 2-3 dragonscale leatherworks including our illustrous leader Crebis who I am sure will be willing to make anything you need. He also has the rep with TB so he has the Black dragonscale boots which I' am sure he will make for us once we have enough MC mats and have outfitted our Tanks.

            I don't know if this helps you with your decision or not, and I don't know much about the other leatherworking skills but Black dragon scale does sell pretty good and there are many new patterns for nature resist with Cenarion Rep that will probably sell good as well. But again Crebis I am sure would supply us on those.
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              Re: Questions on assorted topics from a weary mind.

              Very true on the Dragonscale...I can make whatever you need. Hand me the mats or something close to it and it's yours.

              As for the comment about the dragonscale sets being tailored to shammies...this is true for the blue and green...even though the green has some nice nature resist...although that is totally blown out of the water by the Silithid sets from Cenarion Hold rep...I'm currently working on that now...75% of honored...getting close. I'm getting 2 patterns for every rep level. One set is agility and another is nature resist. Not bad stuff...

              As for what the guild needs, we need a good tribal and elemental. You are new, however. Decide based on what you want or can benefit from. If you think you'll being staying here for a good while with us and put your blood/sweat/tears into this guild, go elemental...

              You and Nytestryde both have shown very well. (As a hunter, I set high standards for my class...TG has some awesome hunters that know their stuff)




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