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TG member meeting?

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  • TG member meeting?

    I recall on 5/25, before the raid hit AQ and ZG and I was farming [item]Sandworm Meat[/item], Luna mentioned something about a meeting for TG members concerning...something. I also remember I got 'volunteered' to transcribe the minutes.

    Then I got pulled in to do a few extra shifts on the Memorial weekend rush so its all sorta fuzzy now.

    1) When was/is the meeting?
    2) What was/will be discussed?
    3) Anyone took/taking notes?
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    Re: TG member meeting?

    So far as I know, we wanted to make sure that the newer TG members (especially the VB alumni) were property welcomed. Additional topics for discussion were the raid signup site and the roster signup process.

    We were able to do this on an impromptu basis at the start of Saturday's MC run when virtually everybody was together.

    So far as I know, that was the meeting that was "supposed" to happen soon. It would appear that you're off the hook.

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