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  • Beware of idiots...

    Just venting something I found just so stupid its retrospect. At the time its just the source of a burning rage and hatred for people and wish that natural selection would hurry up because some people should not be allowed to breed.

    CASE 1:

    10 man LBRS run.
    3 level 60 druids (2 restro, 1 feral), 2 warriors( 60, 58), 1 hunter (me at 60), 2 paladins (1 healadin at 60, other also 60), 1 mage (57).

    I say we could probably take anything, but we're good on healers.
    Raid leader (a warrior) says they need priest because we don't have enough healers
    I point out LBRS is a 5 man instance, and a 10 man zerg will be fine with 3 healers (druids and paladin).
    Raid leader calls me a noob and says druids and paladins can't heal.
    Restro Druids (having a private conversation in whispers :D) make some lame excuses and leave due to the intelligence gap between them and raid leader.
    Feral Druid then leaves since that would leave him and the paladins as healers
    We pick up 2 rogues and another warrior.
    More stuff happens...and holy paladin is replaced with another hunter because holy paladins 'can't do damage'
    Finally we get a level 55 dwarf priest and raid leader says we're good on healers (raid consists of 2 rogues, 3 warriors, 2 hunters, 1 mage, 1 paladin (retro/prot apparently) and 1 level 55 priest.
    This has taken all of 1 hour and 10 minutes to do.
    I call the raid leader an idiot
    I get kicked and ignored
    I call it a day

    CASE 2:

    BRD Jailbreak run.
    We spam "LFM Jailbreak"
    We talk about doing a quick jailbreak
    We discuss how we're going to accomplish our quick jailbreak
    We talk about how happy we are that this is going to be a quick jailbreak since we're clearing so fast
    We clear to Winsor in record time!
    We are about to continue clearing so we can finish and get out in maybe 30 minutes...
    The two guildless people chime in:
    "Wait a second, <insertnamehere> needs to go back to Marshall and talk before coming in here. Then we can farm for the note with its 1% drop rate. Then we can turn in, again. Then we can kill the two boss mobs. Then we can do the jailbreak."
    "But...that's practically the entire ony quest line. This was supposed to be a fast jailbreak run."
    "It is a fast jailbreak run...we're just going to do everything before jailbreak as well. I said I wanted to do jailbreak and this is what I ment. I'm only here for <insertnamehere> anyways."
    "You do realize doing the entire ony run is not, exactly, considered 'jailbreak' which is what we talked about doing. Whatever, just hurry up so get this done, its late here already"
    "OMG! I did not expect to be rushed! If you don't like it we can just leave!"
    "You kinda implied a rush when you wanted to do everything before jailbreak after signing up, and agreeing, to a 'jailbreak run'. LFM Jailbreak kinda means LFM Jailbreak."
    "STFU you b!%#*! I have epics and I want to do the entire Ony line for <insertnamehere> if you don't like it we can leave and you can finish it on your own!"
    /urge to kill...rising
    *whisper to group leader* Its 1AM and I'm tired. Don't have time for a 2-3 extra hours. Winsor is going to have an 'accident' and we're gonna fail this jailbreak and then I'm out of here
    *reply*LOL. These people are getting on my nerves too
    /starts Jailbreak
    /abandons Jailbreak
    /watches Winsor get pwned by first mobs outside of cell
    "Alright, I'm getting tired and this Jailbreak run is turning into a question of semantics. Kinda thought "LFM Jailbreak" ment "LFM Jailbreak" but I guess some people could misunderstand that. I mean, its soooo confusing. Good night"
    /leave group
    /autokicked from instance
    *whisper to former leader* Aww...Winsor had an accident. Guess we failed Jailbreak, nuts.
    *reply* That was a waste of time.

    *whispers from idiotwithepics* <insert obscenities here>
    <insert obscenities here>
    <insert obscenities here>
    <insert obscenities here>
    My sanity is not in question...
    It was a confirmed casualty some time ago.

    Light, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I had to kill because they ticked me off.

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    Re: Beware of idiots...

    I feel your pain ... that must be the new way to run Jailbreak, I did it like that four times (never got the real Jailbreak done) untill I finaly got to run it with the guild.


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      Re: Beware of idiots...

      I unintentionally put Manny through something similar. Although the other people trying to get it done were even farther behind in the chain than I was.

      Thanks for sticking with me <4




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