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  • Patch 1.11 changes

    I found this in the wow forums posted by blizzard mod, link is on the bottom. Finally, no more release timer!! :)

    We're going to be making two new upcoming changes to instances in Patch 1.11:

    --First, by popular demand, we'll be removing the release timer in instances. This includes dungeons, battlegrounds and raid instances.

    --Second, we're going to have to institute an anti-exploit measure on certain encounters. Certain encounters (almost entirely raid bosses) will prevent people from zoning into the instance while that encounter is engaged. If you attempt to zone into the instance while that encounter is engaged, you will be resurrected at the entrance (outside). We will be making adjustments to the entrances to Molten Core and Blackwing Lair to compensate for this. Combat resurrections, soulstones, reincarnate etc. will still work fine. This is primarily to combat graveyard rushing in instances. Again, this will only be on a few select encounters, almost entirely limited to raid bosses.
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