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    Well last night we had a quick taste of an AQ40 style mob. Emissary Roman'Khan is the objective of a quest known as The Calling, which is at the end of a short chain in Cenarion Hold.

    I think we should get back and drop him ASAP, but I've been reading up on the fight and it appears to have been buffed in 1.10.0 or 1.10.1. I remember doing it with 29 or 30 people easily, but this was back in February, before the patch.

    I'd recommend everyone try and get on The Calling quest. It's a short chain starting with Dearest Natalia. It's given by Commander Mar'alath in the building behind the Field Duty guy (next to the Horde FP) in Cenarion Hold. For this, you just run south to Bronzebeard's Encampment and talk to a dwarf there.

    Return to the Commander and he sets you on a quest to find his daughter, Into the Maw of Madness (if I'm not mistaken). Also, he wants you to talk to the dwarves again. Go back and get the correlated quests for Silithid Brains (one from each hive) and Hive rubbings. Then zerg each hive. Natalia is in Hive'Regal near the glyph that you have to get the rubbing from, so you can kill three birds with one stone in that hive; more, if you're on a combat or tactical quest.

    Once you complete all three of those quests, you can get a quest from Geologist Larksbane, who will give you a Glyph of Calling. This Glyph will summon Emissary Roman'Khan and when you finish, you'll get a ton of CH rep, blue boots (garbage), blue Nature Resist legs (+25, ooh pretty), and some XP or gold.

    Now, the Emissary seems to have changed, so I'd recommend going in there with a full raid next time, with enough priests to keep the mana drain high. I don't know what the mechanics are of his stomp, nor could I discern them. Crebis passed me leader in the middle of the fight, and I couldn't quite figure out how to make heads or tails of what was happening. It seems as though the nature damage puff is about 3-4 times stronger than what I remember.

    So bring some nature resist gear, don't spend a lot of money on potions, and we roll in maybe before Onyxia and nuke him (while looking pretty in all our newly aquired epics!) and move on!

    What does everyone think? Perhaps we can schedule this for before next week's Ony raid?

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    Re: The Calling

    A lot of people will be MIA for summer related things next week and the week after. There's a post around here somewhere where people were saying that.

    BTW, Natalia is his lover/wife. For kicks, there is a note that describes the fight between Natalia and Bronzebeard's flunkies. This note is a classic example of how Blizzard tends to incorperate popular forum and game topics into the game for 'inside' humor.

    I suggest you read it and remember that Silthus was revamped at the same time as the hunter talent review. Beastial Wrath was the hot topic at the moment as well as a 200+ page thread about shadow priests melting faces in BGs. You'll see the references in the play by play of the fight.
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