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  • Midsummer is Upon Yee!

    So another year of WoW has rolled upon us and we find that America is no longer the dominant market for players. In an attempt to be more culturally friendly with the yearly celebration of July 4th we are brought the Midsummer Fire festival. Yes, it is an actual festival and holiday just borrowed for WoW.

    ANYHOW, there is 1 standard quest, 2 noobie quest, 2 oldie quests, 1 obsessive quest, 3 hidden quests, and 1 reward quest. The 'phat lewt' you get for doing the quests are rather nice, and you can also get some nice buffs in the process.

    Section 1) Standard Quest

    Talk to ANY of the Flamekeepers in any of the major cities and you get a quest to touch the flames in all three major cities. This is the standard 'travel the cities' quest you see on holiday events and is actually an opener for the 3 hidden quests. Doing this quest will net you some [item]Fiery Festival Brew [/item] and some [item]Burning Blossom[/item].

    Festival of Fire
    Stormwind - (38,61) Right outside the Stockades
    Darnassus - (52,92) Outside of Darnassus proper near the Flight Master
    Ironforge - (64,25) Outside the Explorers League

    Section 2) Noobie Quests

    If you talk to the NPC next to the flamekeeper you get a series of quests depending on your location. If you're in Darnassus you get the (25)Flickering Flames in Eastern Kingdoms and if you're in Stormwind you get the (25)Flickering Flames in Kalimdor quest. Both offer you your choice between +spell damage food, +healing food, +defense food, and +hit food just like the Valentine chocolates. The food is on a 14 day duration so you might as well use it while you can. Of course, that's 14 days of playtime and not 14 days of real time so if you spend little time on line with your character you could still be using it come X-mas.

    Flickering Flames in Eastern Kingdoms
    Hillsbrad - (54,33) Broken Tower just north of Southshore and south of Tarren Mill
    Silverpine - (54,69) On the road at the intersection between Ambermill and Pyrewood
    Westfall - (34,80) North east of the lighthouse in the middle of nowhere
    Wetlands - (51,17) Far north part of the map right before you hit the Highlands and near the elite dark iron dwarves in Dun Modr

    Flickering Flames in Kalimdor
    Ashenvale - (64,71) Near the bridge just north of Silverwing camp and WSG enterance
    Barrens - (59,39) Just west of Ratchet on the road to Xroads
    Darkshore - (41,90) Far far south along the road before you hit Ashenvale
    Stonetalon - (59,72) At the crossroad before Windshear Crag near the two Alliance scouts

    Section 3) Oldbie Quests

    From the same NPC that gives the newbie quests you can get two quests to areas with a little more danger to them. The rewards are different and are where you get the fun toys to play with.

    Wild Fires in Eastern Kingdoms
    Blasted Lands - (54,31) At the intersection of the three main roads before you hit the dark portal
    Eastern Plaguelands - (57,72) West of Corrin's Crossing
    Hinterlands - (62,53) Fork in the road north of the area with the Elite trolls that you find the Ancient Egg and Enchant the ZF hammer.
    Searing Gorge - (32,73) Just before you hit the stairs to Blackrock Mountain. We hit it everytime we pass by to MC

    Rewards: You get a Mantle of the Fire Festival and some more [item]Burning Blossom[/item].

    Wild Fires in Kalimdor
    Winterspring - (30,43) Right outside the tunnel from Felwood with the Timbermaw Furbols
    Un'goro - (70,75) Bottom of the ramp from Tanaris
    Silithus - (78,18) Next to Valor's Rest near the enterance from Un'goro
    Azshara - (41,43) On the farest Northeast Cliff overlooking the Ruins of Eldarath. Many of us remember this as where Ogtinc the Furbol from the level 50 quests reside

    Rewards: You get a [item]Cinder Bracers[/item] which is used to summon a Cinder Elemental and some more [item]Burning Blossom[/item].

    Section 4) Obsessive Quest
    You've seen me and Shal obsessing over getting this done and with good reason. This is the quest that is the hardest to complete and with the best (at least I think so) reward. You CANNOT do this quest in a raid which makes one of the locations slightly bothersome to get. Roughly speaking the bonfires are located at the halfway point of each instance.

    A Light in Dark Places
    *Scholomance - This flame is in the viewing room in the corner between the gates to Ras and the 6 minibosses of the Academy. Kinda hard to miss and probably the easiest to get.
    *Stratholme - Scarlet side right before you enter the citadel of the Scarlet Crusade. Again, you can't miss it and its relatively easy to get.
    *Dire Maul - Dire Maul North near Guard Slip'kik (the ice trap guard). Just trap/kill him and go up the ramp around the corner to find the bonfire.
    *Blackrock Spire - Lower Blackrock Spire (LBRS) is probably the hardest to find a 5 man for because everyone wants to 10 man it and you can't raid the bonfire. Its located on the platform where you summon the ogre boss after you get past the spiders. The fastest way to get there in a 5 man is to make an immediate right along the wall after the first pull in LBRS proper and jump down the ledges to the orc camp far below. This will skip fully 1/4th of the instance and shave a considerable amount of time. With a rather silly group of a priest, 2 hunters, a warlock (thanks Celltar!), and a mage it took us roughly 45 minutes to burn through the mobs to the bonfire.

    Reward: The BEST reward of the entire festival! You get a nonduration noncombat pet of a Spirit of Summer or more commonly refered to as 'the red whisp pet'. Oh yeah, you also get more [item]Burning Blossom[/item]. You can also repeat this quest after the first time, but all you get are some [item]Burning Blossom[/item] so its rather pointless to put yourself through the hassel again.

    Section 5) 3 Hidden Quests
    After you finish the quest Festival of Fire the dialoge of the Flamekeeper will change if you talk to him again. Yes...I know "reading = bad" for most people, but this is a very important clue and you MUST talk to him after turning in the first quest to open the hidden quests. Since I don't mind reading and did it anyways, I'll just spoil it and put together the subtle hints for you.

    You get to steal the flames from the major cities of the opposing faction!

    Buy some junk gear, strip naked, or make like me and dress up in some cheap getup (I choose the black suited cowboy "Paladin" for my getup) and prepare to dodge, duck, weave, and corpse run through the horde cities because you get flagged the moment you enter the door. After you use the flame you get an item called 'flame of the <city>' that you then use to get a turn in quest to the flamekeeper. REMEMBER: If you get lost, the moment you enter a city you 'discover' it and the entire city is visible on your map. Helps to navigate using that.

    Flame of the Undercity
    The easiest to find flame of the horde cities and, unfortunately, in a very high traffic area. After entering the gates of Lordaeron go straight across the courtyard and through the hallway to the foyer above the throne room. This is a VERY high traffic area since the elevators to the Undercity are right around the corner and all traffic in and out go through here. Wait for the coast to clear and ninja the flame before making your get away. There are no guards along the path in or out, but you may find yourself getting chased out by hordies.

    Flame of Orgimmar
    This flame is the deepest in any of the cities, but still somewhat easy to get with a corpse run. Also, the tauren and orcs are more good natured than the undead apparently since I spent a good few minutes dancing with them around the flames even though I was flagged PvP. Enter through the side enterance found at the Valley of Spirits and just mount up and ride along the path south, east, and north towards the Valley of Wisdom. You will pass the city flightpath terminal so wave to any horde you pass or curse those that gank you. There are guards stationed outside each building along the path and patroling the road, but you can easily lose them and there are plenty of unwatched spots between buildings where you can rest and recover without NPC aggro. The flame is on the far north side of the Valley of Wisdom and quite visible along the road. Ninja the flame and do a quick dance around the pole and bonfire with the horde before exfiltrating the way you got in.

    Flame of Thunder Bluffs
    Priests and Mages have it somewhat easy here on the exfiltration since they can just jump off the cliff and Levitate/Slow Fall to safety. Just make sure you remember to pack your feathers. This is probably one of more tricky flames to get because its on Spirit's Rise. Enter the city using the southern elevator and then keep to the very edge of the bluff. This will avoid some of the guards you would otherwise have to play with in the city proper. Make your way westward until you reach the first bridge. Saddly, the bridge is inside a building so you can't mount past and there are 2-4 guards posted outside depending on how they've patroled so far. Run in and get across the bridge ASAP using whatever tricks you have to survive or else it'd be a long corpse run back. The bonfire is just up the short ramp from the first bridge and guardless. After ninjaing the flame, just jump off the cliff or brave the guards back to the elevator.

    The turn-in rewards for each flame are a lot of [item]Burning Blossom[/item], some more [item]Fiery Festival Brew [/item], and a lot more buff food. Also, when you turn in a horde city flame there is an area wide buff called Fortitude of the Flame Festival that is a +30 stamina buff persistant through death and stacks with magic buffs like Power Word: Fortitude.

    Section 6) Reward Quest
    "But Tarenth, those rewards suck for all the trouble getting ganked and corpse running in horde cities!" I did mention a reward quest didn't I? After you turn in all three of the city flames you get a new quest called A Thief's Reward from the flamekeeper. This is a simple quest of talk to him and talk to him again for 'phat lewt'.

    What phat lewt you ask? Why the CROWN OF THE FIRE FESTIVAL! Bow to the king, baby!

    Section 6) Assorted Information
    I mentioned the reward [item]Burning Blossom[/item] several times but never what it does. Well if you use the blossom on any bonfire (except the LBRS one which is bugged) you get a +3% spell and attack crit buff for 1 full hour called Fire Festival Fury. But wait! There's more! The blossoms are not soulbound (even if they are on a 14 day durational timer) and can be handed out to your friends. If you give away one of your blossoms there is moderate chance the buff will be shared by every character within a 40 yard radius. Tis better to give than to recieve. ;)

    At each of the bonfires except those in the instances there is also a flame pole. If you use the pole a colored beam shoots out of your hand towards the top like a ribbon. If you're alone, go ahead and jump around like a fool because that's all you can do. However, if there's one other person using the pole then you get a Ribbon Dance buff that gives you +35 Fire Resist for 60 minutes. And no, you don't have to run around like an idiot to get the buff, that part is totally optional. Unfortunately the buff is also very stupid. If you want to renew your buff while still having some of the duration of the old buff you have to cancel the old buff before getting a new one.

    Lastly, for the sake of being complete, the [item]Fiery Festival Brew[/item] is a cosmetic toy much like the Halloween wands. When you use one (and they have no duration so you can keep them forever) you shoot flames in front of you for about 5 yards for a few seconds. Its pretty and fun, but not much use beyond that. They are soulbound and stack to 10 too so you can't sell them or bank them on another toon.
    My sanity is not in question...
    It was a confirmed casualty some time ago.

    Light, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I had to kill because they ticked me off.

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    awesome post

    Good info. there.
    I've been considering the festivals but with everything else I got goin on it's tough to fit it in. I'm just now able to enter a lot of these places and find the flames. I've done the easy quest though for the firebrew and kinda started on the ones for the cinder braces.

    That being said, why not just set up a MIDSUMMER guild group??? Just for one evening. Go through all the necessary dungeons with a reliable crew in one sitting and everyone gets their wisps.

    Kinda dumb to have to spend a week or more doing this. I've seen u and Shalth bangin ur heads trying to. All it really takes is a post by an admin for a PLANNED midsummer questing night. Yah, you cant raid it - so what. Form more then 1 group then.

    what better way to show a powerful guild then for ALL its guildies taking screenies with their wisps in IF?

    In the raid signup, replace a raid with a "midsummer raid". Send a guild-wide newsletter informing of the time, etc.

    Aside from that, I'd be more then willing to help - but like I said, I'm just scratching the surface here in these dungeons. Otherwise, there really are no excuses for missing out on it besides just not wanting to do it... 'specially for a quest that disappears in a few days.




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