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FR Gear -- Class Priority?

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  • FR Gear -- Class Priority?

    Not sure if it's posted here but I wanted to see if someone could post the class priority for FR gear. Since we are concentrating on getting both Domo and Rag under farm status I thought we should also start using our stockpile of Lava and Fiery core to make some FR gear for the raid party.

    Any thoughts?
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    Re: FR Gear -- Class Priority?

    I can make the Flamecore stuff (except the Leggings) for the squishy ones. Still working on rep for the Legs.
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      Re: FR Gear -- Class Priority?

      I don't know that we have an "official" policy about class priority. We've tried to do what makes sense. Here's what we've done so far in sort of a class rotation...
      • Warrior x2: Fully decked out
      • Hunter x2: 1 piece each
      • Rogue x2: 2 piece each
      • Mage x2: 2 piece each
      • Warlock x2: 2 piece each
      • Priest x2: 2 pieces each

      Nothing yet for Paladins or Druids. We also have other warriors who need help with FR gear.

      As the guild bank accumulates Dark Iron, Fiery Cores, Lava Cores and Core Leather, we will continue to parcel out FR mats.

      In general, within the class rotation above, FR mats have gone to those with the most DKP (as a proxy for attendance/participation), figuring that regular raid attendees will get the most "mileage" from the items and had a bigger hand in accumulating them.

      It's a slow process, I know, but we've come a huge distance in a very short time.

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        Re: FR Gear -- Class Priority?

        The fire resist gear and 3 or 4 potions each is a big help in the Rags and Ony fights. There is a ton of random fire resist gear out there. Obviously everyone hates losing stats, but having a full mana bar over 7k doesn't do me any good when Ony turns me into charcoal dwarf with 1 deep breath. But even without guild provided FR gear there is a ton of it out there to be farmed from the 5 man instances. There's a good list on Unfortunately until I post a few more I cant link it. But you can get the idea from the list below.

        www wowwiki com/Plate_Resist_List
        www wowwiki com/Mail_Resist_List
        www wowwiki com/Leather_Resist_List
        www wowwiki com/Cloth_Resist_List
        www wowwiki com/Misc_Resist_List
        Gigan - Shaman (Resto)
        Pistos - Semi-retired Shadowpriest
        ...and other distractions of various levels.


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          Re: FR Gear -- Class Priority?

          In my experience, all melee classes should get full FR gear first warriors then rogues. Then you can move on to your healers and ranged dps. There are a lot of gear for all armor types that can be easily made without needing FR mats. There is dragonscale for hunters, wizardweave for clothies and the volcanic set for leather wearers. Just letting you know that there are easy options out there without requiring cores.
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            Re: FR Gear -- Class Priority?

            The priority should be first for the rogues and warriors because they're on the front lines and get splashed and tossed about by Rags the most.

            Second on the priority list would be the mages because the mana burn does fire damage and we need them alive to take out the sons.

            After that I'd go for the priests, druids, and paladins because with our current FR they are doing passably well and can only improve with the extra attention to our healing foundation.

            Warlock and hunters should probably get last priority with the epic TB gear, but should start to work on what gear they can cobble together as much as possible. Warlocks are ineffective at AoEing the sons since their spells are fire based, but their shadow damage is very very high. Hunters are easy to explain since we have the highest survival rating of any class regardless of how much or little we wear.

            It should be noted that while we have a nice pile of Lava Cores, the guild bank appears to be running low on Firey Cores. This is, probably, from making the warrior gear. Any requests should take that into mind unless the roster lies and the numbers are higher than they appear.
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