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  • My introduction

    I figured I'd copy Pistos and start an introductory thread of my own... :row__642:

    My main (and only toon, atm) is Gaviin, a lvl 60 rogue. I was originally with the Velvet Blades and got my initial exposure to TG from our then partnership. After VB went through its problems, I came over to TG for a while before leaving to try my hand at another guild. That obviously didn't work out, so now I'm back for the long haul and very happy that it worked out this way.

    I'm a lvl 300 skinner and elemental leatherworker. Please please please feel free to bug me for anything that you might need from me. I take a lot of pleasure in helping people out (especially guildies) with their leatherworking needs. Here's a list of some of the better stuff I can make:

    Nature Resist: [item]Bramblewood Helm[/item], [item]Bramblewood Boots[/item], [item]Bramblewood Belt[/item]
    Fire Resist: [item]Lava Belt[/item], [item]Molten Helm[/item], [item]Helm of Fire[/item], [item]Volcanic Shoulders[/item], [item]Volcanic Breastplate[/item], [item]Volcanic Leggings[/item]
    Living Set: [item]Living Breastplate[/item], [item]Living Leggings[/item], [item]Living Shoulders[/item]
    Stormshroud Set: [item]Stormshroud Gloves[/item], [item]Stormshroud Shoulders[/item], [item]Stormshroud Armor[/item], [item]Stormshroud Pants[/item]
    Random: [item]Golden Mantle of the Dawn[/item], [item]Girdle of Insight[/item], [item]Mongoose Boots[/item], [item]Dawn Treaders[/item], as well as the entire Wicked Leather and Runic Leather sets

    Nature Resist: [item]Sandstalker Bracers[/item], [item]Sandstalker Breastplate[/item], [item]Sandstalker Gauntlets[/item]

    There's also obviously [item]Cured Rugged Hide[/item], [item]Rugged Armor Kit[/item] (or any other armor kit), and [item]Heavy Leather Ball[/item] (to spice up those dull moments during group runs).

    So like I said, don't hesitate to ask me for any of these or for a list of mats or anything. I'm here to help. :row__593: And of course if you ever need a lockbox picked, I'd be happy to take care of it.

    Beyond that, I'm attuned to all instances (even Naxx... bring it on!), and I'm exalted with Argent Dawn and Cenarion Circle. I look forward to continuing to raid and group with you guys. I'm usually up for most any 5 or 10-man instance when I've got some free time. I'm sure we'll be having some good times in the future. :icon_cool

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    Re: My introduction

    Gratz on the Cenarion rep Gav. Lucky for me you make good money doing it so I still can drag you over there when I get the urge to do those Combat quests.
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      Re: My introduction

      No doubt. :row__577: Plus most of those silithid skinning things go towards making the Sandstalker set (NR for hunters), so that would certainly help the guild get a bit more geared up.


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        Re: My introduction

        Some day...I'll work on Cenarion rep...some day.

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        You're a great friend but if we're ever chased by zombies I'm tripping you.


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          Re: My introduction

          Welcome to the guild Gaviin !! Its good to have you here..
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