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Suggestion for Next Friday-Sunday Runs

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  • Suggestion for Next Friday-Sunday Runs

    So...Ony reset on the 18 and again on Sunday. Here's my idea for the weekend.

    Friday - Kill ALL the bosses up to Majordomo. This week we got to Shazz before wiping twice and then popping out to do Ony. If we just focus on MC I'm sure we can take out Golemagg and Sulfuron this day as well.

    Saturday - Kill Domo and attempt/kill Rag. After killing Domo we have 2 hours to down Rags before he despawns and you have to kill Domo again. Of course, if he despawns then that means all the lava packs have respawned as well. This means that it'll take 1 hour to get to Domo (two weeks ago Ark got us there in 1 hour and 7 minutes) and we have 2 hours to kill Rag for, at the most, a 3 hour run in MC. Afterwards we pop out and kill Ony.

    Sunday - If (here's hoping) Rag is down we go hit BWL and play ring around the instance with Razorgore. ;) If not we repeat Saturday...with less loot. 3 hours in MC or BWL before we pop out and kill Ony again since she respawns early today.

    Sound good? :D
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    Re: Suggestion for Next Friday-Sunday Runs

    I'm totally with ya, T.


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      Re: Suggestion for Next Friday-Sunday Runs

      Sounds like a plan to me!

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