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  • A really useful site

    Hey all,

    I mentioned this is guild chat the other night and I wanted to link it here so you'd all see it. This is a site that I've used quite a bit. It will tell you all of the drops from the instances, it will give you a guide by class and a guide by level to some of the better loot in the game.

    Also, for those of you using Atlas, there's a great loot mod that goes with it. It will tell you all the goodies that drop from all of the instances. It's called Atlas Loot and can be found here:

    I'd also recommend the Enhanced Loot addon as well. :)
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    Re: A really usefull site

    Very handy, thanks Bear.

    Of course, there are some noob moments on the site. The 'holy healing' build for priests they have at the very bottom doesn't have healing focus or much imp renew in it. Noobs!
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      Re: A really usefull site

      This is fantastic reference site...for gear.

      We've linked it here before...and doubtless will again...(see the last stickied thread in this forum).

      I agree that their recommended builds are not perfect, but they have a huge amount of gear information in one spot that saves a lot of shlepping around.

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        Re: A really usefull site

        ty bear




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