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There are few words to describe this...

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  • There are few words to describe this...


    See if you can name all the places they visit in this 45 minute video. Yes...45 MINUTES. I believe it used to be closer to 70 minutes, but I think the original had a walk through of the Caverns of Time.

    I want a private server now. You can do some really cool things with one apparently. -.-
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    Re: There are few words to describe this...

    much of that stuff you don't need a private server for.

    plus, the private server thing involves breaking a few laws, and we don't want to do that.

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      Re: There are few words to describe this...

      GM video all the way.

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        Re: There are few words to describe this...

        This has been one of my favorite videos since I first saw it a long while ago. The sound track is also floating about. It is the follow up to the famous "Exploration the Movie" video - which is also really good and has more unreleased content (although personally, I still like Nogg better, but only a little). You can still find the exploration video around, but for a few months it was nearly impossible to find due to Blizzard taking it down from all public sites, as you can actually see in the intro to Nogg.

        Good ol' Google video has it now:

        Of course, if Bliz discovered it, no doubt it would be taken down yet again.

        Remember that when this vid was created many of the zones shown weren't open to the public, even though they are now.
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