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  • Lord Incendius Farming

    I know Ark and Sajir have talked about this...But I wanted to add to it. This is an easy thing to do. When you kill him, he will drop a blue wrist piece that will have +10 FR and a random something else (Eagle, Bear, Agility, etc..). Yestarday, I asked if anyone wanted to do this. Elmynster, Jandreyn, Doof, Illiana, and myself (Gundola) decided to do it (the group formed in under 5 minutes). It took us one time to figure out the right way to get to him (I take the blame for it). But once we found it, it was cake. I think he will only drop bracers for what the group can use. We only saw cloth and leather drop last night.

    Flameweave Cuffs of the Eagle
    Flameweave Cuffs of Arcane Power
    Cinderhide Armsplints of the Wolf
    Cinderhide Armsplints of the Owl

    Not too bad. We DE'ed the Owl one

    We need to make sure people can farm this while they have nothing to do. It is too easy not to. Great way to get some good FR gear.

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    Re: Lord Incendius Farming

    He doesn't drop only what the group can use, unfortunately. It literally takes 5 mins to go in and down him, and another 2-3 mins to get out and reset him, so you can easily do 6 runs in an hour. With 60s it can even be done easily with 3 people, as Ark, Halt and I farmed him about 5 times just for shards and to try to get specific bracers for what we wanted.

    If people want to do this, we could easily run it 3-4 times right before a raid, just let me know you need it and we can pop in, burn through it and then head to a raid.
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      Re: Lord Incendius Farming

      There is an instance timer. Some of us found this out when we were farming the Magister's Boots from Hearthsinger. If I remember correctly its like 5 resets in an hour or something. But regardless, hitting this is pretty easy and a good way to grab some FR bracers.
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        Re: Lord Incendius Farming

        With 3 locks in the group it was mad fast. Jan Doof and Elm just hellfired themselves to death (armor does not take a hit for this) then run back to instance to rez then they summoned Gun and myself. Rinse, wash, and repeat.

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          Re: Lord Incendius Farming

          It's worth it. It's almost the only place to get FR Bracers of at least +10. Plate wearers can get [ITEM]Dark Iron Bracers[/ITEM], at the cost of 4 [ITEM]Dark Iron Bar[/ITEM], 2 [ITEM]Fiery Core[/ITEM] and 2 [ITEM]Lava Core[/ITEM]

          It's worth the time to get these in the meantime though.

          [ITEM]Cinderhide Armsplints[/ITEM] Rogues, Druids
          [ITEM]Emberplate Armguards[/ITEM] Pallies, Warriors
          [ITEM]Flameweave Cuffs[/ITEM] Mages, Priests, Warlocks
          [ITEM]Pyremail Wristguards[/ITEM] Hunters

          All of these items are "Of..." items. so they all have a random enchantment on them. There is even the possibility to get of Fire Resistance and get an extra +15 Fr. Right now I'm using "Of Power" which adds a nice bit of Attack Power.

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            Re: Lord Incendius Farming

            I have a green thumb and I am always up for some good farming. Let me know and I wil be there.

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