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    Hey guys, I'll be on around 6:30 server tonight, in time for Ony, etc. I don't know who has lead tonight, but I'm willing and ready to kick some more ass with all you guys. I'm still stoked from last night!

    If anyone could scout out the spawn points in Ashenvale, Duskwood, Feralas and the Hinterlands for either Ysondre, Lethon or Taerar that would rock (I'm totally not keen on Emeriss, despite the fact that he could be "easy," I just don't feel comfortable with the fight yet), as well as Azshara for Azuregos.

    Phantom has my phone number, so if you guys think you can get to one of those spawn points before anyone else, he can give me a call and I'll formulate a strat on the fly.

    If we don't decide/are unable to do a world dragon, I guess head to Onyxia? I dunno. Like I said, I'll be on half an hour before invites easily, but if people start looking around in advance that would save hassle on my part and Crebis' part for trying to scurry about claiming a greenie. It's up to you guys in the end, but I'd love to nuke Azuregos for certain.

    Anyhow, let's have some fun tonight! We all deserve it after that killer night last night!



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